The CHANEL Rouge Allure L’Extrait Is A New High-Intensity, Refillable Lipstick With A Satin Finish

There’s a new lipstick to covet, and this one’s quite different — meet CHANEL’s new ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT, a formula that promises intense, pigmented colour, housed in a refillable lipstick case. An eco-conscious mindset has become increasingly important in the current beauty sphere, which is why we’re so glad the luxury Parisian house is on board too, starting with their N°1 DE CHANEL moisturiser, and now, an evolution of the iconic ROUGE ALLURE lipstick.

Launching 1 July, this new formula is made for boldness, as CHANEL imagines a confident individual who’s looking for vibrancy, comfort, and effortless style. The ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT takes notes from the ROUGE ALLURE lipstick, created in 2006, with a signature sleek case that opens with a satisfying click; the strength and femininity it symbolises carries over to this new series as well.

The 20 shades in the collection offer concentrated colour, radiance, and care, topped off with an intense, satin finish.

A high concentration of pigments ensures we get bold lips every swipe, across shades that range from intense beige to fiery red and deep pink. CHANEL also achieves a luminance that’s better than ever, thanks to light-reflecting ingredients that give the illusion of a smooth “your lips but better” pout.

Then again, this effect isn’t just an illusion. The ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT goes one step further, and is enriched with a complex of ume flower enfleurage oil and plant waxes to properly nourish and protect the lips, keeping them moisturised and supple for up to 12 hours.

If you’re curious about the refillable aspect of the lipstick, no doubt, CHANEL keeps the design modern and sleek, so much so that you’re hardly able to tell at first glance. The refills arrive in a slim golden cartridge that fits in perfectly within the new slim case. From the outside, the lipstick looks just like the ROUGE ALLURE we know and love, distinctive click and all.

See all 20 shades here:

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ROUGE ALLURE L’EXTRAIT , in 20 shades. $73 for the lipstick; $53 for the refill. Available from 1 July at chanel fragrance & beauty counters, and SG-ESHOP.CHANEL.COM.