A new vision for CHANEL Makeup takes the form of a Collective

CHANEL believes that beauty is the act of becoming; it’s an infinite journey that looks to the past, present and future, and that there’s power in diversity because it empowers multiple points of view. With this notion, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio announces a new and innovative collaboration with a group of emerging talents who contribute to shaping the future of beauty.

CHANEL presents them as, the COMETES COLLECTIVE. They include three rising stars in the field of makeup artistry — Ammy Drammeh, Valentina Li and Cécile Paravina.

Above: CHANEL presents the cometes collective, (left to right) Ammy Drammeh, Valentina Li and Cécile Paravina.


Above: Valentina Li

Valentina Li loves the colour blue, and defines herself with this simple, one word that she says comes without unnecessary frills. She’s a native of Guangxi and is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and French. Most notably, her experimental, non-conforming makeup style is fabulously colourful and creative, and follows what she says, “To make what is old new again”.

Above: Ammy Drammeh

Ammy Drammeh is of mixed Spanish and Gambian heritage, and resides in London where she practices her natural know-how and intrinsic talent for makeup. She describes herself as “real, more than natural”, and says that her vision of makeup is “effortless with a twist. Uncomplicated and free, but when you look closer, you can see the pauses, the accents, and the detail”.

Above: Cécile Paravina

Cécile Paravina studied design at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and has dedicated her career to beauty. She is known for being a free spirit that abandons the conventions of mainstream beauty; for example, making an eyebrow disappear, or revisiting the shape of the eye or reinterpreting a smile.

Above: the CHANEL cometes collective, (left to right) Cécile Paravina, Ammy Drammeh, and Valentina Li.


The house of CHANEL is proud to partner with these artists, and will be giving them the support of the CHANEL Makeup Creative Studio, where they will contribute to the development of new collections and inspiring content. The first COMETES COLLECTIVE collections will be unveiled in January 2024.