Be Your Own BOSS with the new BOSS Bottled Parfum, feat. Dharni, Lennard, James, Ayden and Edward

Every once in a while, a new scent arrives to astound us, both in its alluring scent profile and in the strength of what it stands for. Conveying boldness, charisma, and confidence, the new BOSS Bottled Parfum is every bit as commanding as it sounds, thanks to its intense woody-ambery notes housed in a sexy smoky-black flacon. Swag, drip, however your generation would describe it, this one’s got it.

Those familiar with the BOSS Parfums series will definitely recognise its iconic bottle, though this latest fragrance, co-created by noses Annick Ménardo and Suzy Le Helley, embodies an exceptional richness that’s sees the scent at its highest concentration yet.

Compared to the EDPs and EDTs, the Parfum version leans towards sophistication and warmth — the top notes are invitingly zesty and spicy, before leading into a heart of orris concrete and a fig tree root accord. What lingers most on the skin though are the woody base notes, comprising of cedarwood and leather for a calming warmness.

Beyond its scent profile though, the BOSS Bottled Parfum also makes for a bold statement, that of being one’s own boss. In a global campaign that stars Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, we hear about how the scent is inspired by ideas of writing one’s own rules and finding one’s true purpose in life, surely, ideals we’d love to live by.

Here in Singapore, we’ve narrowed down five men who embody the values of this masculine scent, from Mediacorp actors to a chef, radio DJ, and globally-renowned beatboxer. Ahead, they share their definition of being a boss, and how that resonates with the BOSS Bottled Parfum.

Photographed by @ADELE__CHAN using @LEICASTORESG.
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Styled by @ANGELA_WK.
outfits by @BOSS.

AYDEN SNG (@aydenzs)
Actor, Mediacorp Artiste

Daring and relentless. These are the words picked out by actor Ayden Sng to describe a boss, and definitely qualities he lives by as well. Known for his leading role in Mediacorp Channel 8 drama Loving You (2020), you might be surprised to know that this gig came just seven months after he had decided to leave his job at a consulting firm to pursue a showbiz career. A bold move, and one that seems to be working out just fine for the leading man. He talks about being “unapologetic of walking your own course”, where the BOSS fragrance’s masculine scent conveys the charisma and strength fit for this purpose. Fun fact: he’s also passionate about playing the erhu (watch him play a cover of BTS’ ‘Butter’ here).

DHARNI (@dharni)
Musician / Beatboxer

“A boss is the beat that always drives me forward.” These are the inspiring words uttered by talented musician Dharni, in a campaign video posted on his TikTok page. And we do mean talented — instead of tinkering on keys or playing a guitar, Dharni’s instrument is his mouth, which he flexes with great confidence, layering on slick beats and percussion sounds with unfathomable precision. On set, Dharni is just as comfortable in front of the camera, moving with as much dynamism as he does with his music. Mind you, we’re in the presence of a two-time world champion of the prestigious Grand Beatbox Battle Championship here, while the accomplished man is also keen on paying it forward, having established World Beatbox Camp (now known as SBX Camp), the first international educational event of its kind. He likens the BOSS Bottled Parfum’s richness and texture to his mesmerising rhythm, flow, tempo, and determination.

EDWARD RUSSELL (@edrussell)
TV and Radio Presenter

There’s a reason why this face looks familiar — you’ve probably seen him on television, as he had spent seven years being a full-time presenter on Fox Sports, before stepping into the studio as a radio DJ and being the voice that accompanies you on your afternoon drives, as he currently helms his own show on Class 95, Afternoons with Edward Russell. The English-Singaporean talent shared that being a host had always been a dream of his, one that he’s harboured since he was a kid, as he recalls putting on shows behind a makeshift news desk and in front of his family. Later in life, Edward took the leap from being a model to acting, and finally, his dream job, hosting, despite self-doubt and setbacks along the way. It’s this hard-earned resolve that he attributes to being a boss; the idea of not letting anything stand in the way of achieving one’s dreams, one that he wholeheartedly believes in as he dons this unapologetic scent.

JAMES SEAH (@jamesseah)
Actor, Mediacorp Artiste

A man of confidence, James Seah walks into the room like he owns it, so pretty much like a boss then. His definition of one is someone who “breaks boundaries and shatters limits”, alluding to the power an individual has to forge their own path. The prolific actor has snagged many, many roles since he made his break into the industry after joining talent competition Star Search in 2010. He comfortably takes on  both English- and Mandarin-speaking roles as well — notable ones include Kwong Weng in Mata Mata, Lu Jiahao in multi-season police procedural series C.L.I.F, and Chris Tong in the long-running Channel 5 drama Tanglin. To him, BOSS’ latest scent embodies the same kind of power and confidence he takes on throughout his career and everyday life.

LENNARD YEONG (@lennardy)

What’s it like to turn a hobby into a full-time job? Self-taught chef Lennard Yeong would certainly be familiar with that, after making a risky career switch from the “safe choice” of engineering, to his current role as an in-house chef at Miele Singapore. Though blessed with good looks and an ever-growing following on social media, the man is humble when talking about his culinary skills, though a peek at his multiple cooking videos, often of Japanese- and Asian-inspired cuisine, shows that he isn’t shy about his unyielding passion for food and the art of its creation. A finalist of the 2015 edition of prestigious cooking competition Masterchef Asia, Lennard relates to the boldness of being a boss, as he talks about his out-of-one’s-comfort zone decision to pursue food and cooking, calling it a path less travelled, but a necessary one.


BOSS Bottled Parfum, $165 (100ml) and $130 (50ml). Available at leading department stores, Sephora, and LazMall Prestige.