This Upgraded Version Of The CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion Is Even More Lightweight Than The Original

The original CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion has quite the reputation — and we do mean a good one. As one of the leading cushion foundations in the highly-competitive k-beauty market, it has earned the distinction of being the No.1 base makeup product of the Olive Young Awards, an annual beauty competition held by the popular Korean health and beauty store, where they’ve managed to secure the prime spot for three years in a row. Another impressive feat: the product has sold 30,000 units a day since its official launch at Olive Young, surpassing 10 million accumulated sales in total.


It’s about to get even better though. The  new version, the CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion, boasts the same buildable and long-lasting coverage, within a lighter and thinner formula. The goal here is look of smooth and flawless skin, while still having your skin feel and move like skin. If you’re curious about how they’ve managed to achieve this and how we feel about it after a test-run of the product, read on!


As mentioned, the new CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion manages quite the feat — it has the same well-loved, smooth coverage, with a thinner and more delicate formula. The brand tells us that they’ve upgraded the formula to keep up with ever-changing cushion trends, and officially dispel the idea that cushion foundations often feel thick or heavy compared to liquid foundations; here, the formula lightly adheres to the skin, and provides a thin and lightweight cover.

To achieve this, CLIO is now using smaller powder pigments that create a delicately thin but dense layer over the skin. Not only does this even out pores, blemishes, redness and other irregularities, the coverage extends to gaps between the curves of the skin as well, which then gives the look of smoother skin.



CLIO’s cushion foundation delivers on giving us smooth and corrected skin, one that subtly covers up spots, pores, redness, bumps and more so that our skin then looks good from all angles, even up close. The buildable formula is versatile enough for medium-to-full coverage, and suitable for daily use, with a semi-matte finish.

Another excellent feature would be its extreme longwear. Given the lightweight nature of the foundation, it’s surprising to note that this is coverage that lasts for up to 72 hours, making this a highly-durable formula that requires minimal touching up. Note that the formula is also hypoallergenic dermatology-tested, and hence suitable for sensitive skin.


Another difference between the new cushion and the original, and one we first noticed, would be the sleek square design of the cushion case. This makes it look like a fashion accessory, while the square-shaped design allows for a better fit in your hand. At the same time, the cushion foundation is accompanied by a customised curved-shaped puff, designed specifically to reach more narrow parts of the face, such as areas around the nose and eyes.


Since this is a foundation product, we do have certain expectations, most of which is the ability to create the illusion of smooth and blemish-free skin. I find that the new CLIO cushion foundation does this beautifully, and in a lightweight manner that doesn’t compromise on the coverage. I personally prefer light to medium coverage for my foundation products, so anything from a skin tint to liquid foundation works best for me. That said, I love cushion foundations too as I’m often guilty of doing my makeup on-the-go (read: Grab / car rides).

While testing out the product, I needed only an extra light dab of the foundation, barely a touch of the puff, which went a long way in creating a smooth, even base. The formula was really easy to use as it spread out naturally across my skin, going over small blemishes and light pigmentation to create an evenly-textured base. I was impressed by the coverage of the lightweight texture; it starts off more towards a medium coverage than a tint-like one, but the finish was natural, non-cakey, and didn’t feel heavy.

The customised curved-shaped puff that makes it easier to fit around curves and narrow portions of the face.

Another point I loved was the design of the product — which often feels like an afterthought, except this wasn’t. The square design allowed me to hold the product comfortably in one hand, especially useful if you’re often doing your makeup or touch-ups on-the-go.

That cute curved-shaped puff, with a little notch that breaks up the typical round-shaped puff, is a game-changer too. With the small cut-out corner, I was easily able to fit the puff around the curves of my nose and undereye area, to apply foundation over those areas without too much bending and flexing of the applicator. This made the overall base makeup look a more even-textured, less patchy one, and totally natural-looking!

Swatches of the 6 shades available — 1.5 Fair ; 2 Lingerie ; 2.5 Ivory ; 3 Linen ; 3.5 Vanilla ; and 4 Ginger.

The CLIO Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion is available in 6 shades: 1.5 Fair (bright beige), 2 Lingerie (pink beige), 2.5 Ivory (light beige), 3 Linen (yellow beige), 3.5 Vanilla (natural beige), and 4 Ginger (medium beige), for a range of pink-toned, yellow-toned and neutral-toned skin.

To celebrate its launch, CLIO is currently running a promotion for the new product, where the cushion foundation is going for up to 30% off. It’s available on Shopee; and at Watsons and the official store on Lazada, with a free Kill Cover Liquid Concealer.

The product will be launched on 7 November at Watsons Ngee Ann City and on 8 December at Watsons Bugis Junction.


Available online at Shopee, Watsons and the official store on Lazada, and at selected Watsons stores including Ngee Ann City and Bugis Junction.