The Tory Burch ‘Essence Of Dreams’ Fragrance Collection Inspires Us With The Power Of Dreams

Dreams, while fantastical, are often ephemeral and difficult to capture — but what if you can indeed bottle them up, truly imagine what they smell like? Enter this new line of fragrances, dreamt up by brand founder and fashion designer Tory Burch herself. ‘Essence of Dreams’ is the label’s first scent collection that brings together five eclectic and inspirational perfumes, all united by a sense of optimism and hope for a brighter future, particularly one that’s brimming with love, freedom, joy, magic and peace.

Developed over the last two years, all the way through the pandemic, its message of hope couldn’t be more apt. After all, we all know the power of a even a single spritz of perfume, and its ability to evoke deep emotions and memories, to inspire and empower. Similarly, the Tory Burch collection is a reminder of the power of dreams, while we resonate with her intention to “live with character, beauty and confidence”.

“I have always been fascinated with scents — the way they can connect us to memories and inspire emotions,” says Tory. “I wanted to create beautiful, uplifting fragrances that remind us to follow our dreams and imagine a world of endless possibilities.”

The Essence of Dreams fragrance collection

The Tory Burch Essence of Dreams series reimagines classics and unexpected contrast, while drawing from nature for inspiration; florals and botanicals are given depth and character thanks to blends of warm woods, spices, honey, and fresh saltwater. Each of the scents are composed of the highest-quality botanicals and essential oils as well, so we can expect the same level of meticulousness in both the ideation and creation of the series.

We’re quite taken by the bottle design as well, which arrive with a curved glass body and sculptural cap in neutral tones.

There are five scents to pick from, each connected to a dream and a feeling: Divine Moon represents peace; Electric Sky, a sense of boundless freedom; Cosmic Wood, magic; Mystic Geranium, a divine joy; and Sublime Rose, the alluring scent of love. Read on to find out more about how each scent magnificently captures these sentiments.

A Look at Each of the Five Scents


Modern romantics would appreciate this rose scent, an “essence of love” essentially, though the familiar and classic heart note is now enriched with a warm wood undertone that grounds the fragrance and draws you in with a beguiling depth. Just like love then.


Freedom is such a difficult concept to pin down, but it helps if you get a whiff of this uplifting scent. Made to be vibrant and rapturous, just like the energy after a storm, Electric Sky is fresh yet unexpected, with a combination of cactus flower, lavender and wood that inspires the imagination.


The moon serves as the enchanting inspiration for this scent, which evokes the sense of tranquility you’ll feel roaming in a garden of your own. And yet, there’s something mysterious about Divine Moon as it centres itself about the intoxicating Lady of the Night flower; notes of honey and citrus help balance the fragrance as well, as we imagine soothing moon rays upon a secret midnight garden.


An elixir in every sense of the word, Cosmic Wood channels the magical and mystical, with spicy cardamom, jasmine and hints of vetiver that adds a lushness to the atypical floral concoction. For those whose dreams often transport you to the wildest reaches of your imagination, this sense of infinite possibilities both intrigues and delights with a whiff of what’s to come.


If you’re ever in need of a mood lifter, this is it. Mystic Geramium instills joy with its sweet and harmonious blend of fresh bergamot and aromatic geranium, while base notes of warm cedar and comforting musk envelop you with a sense of calmness. The result is a soft, rounded scent that imagines the excitement, elation, and pure serenity of joy.


The Tory Burch Essence of Dreams collection, $175 (full-sized, 90ml) and $125 (50ml).  available exclusively at Tory Burch counters in key department stores and online.