ISAMAYA BEAUTY unleashes a Penis-shaped Lipstick and Water Balm

Here’s something to whip out of your bag next — a lipstick and balm with dick packaging. ISAMAYA BEAUTY launched two penis-shaped lip products over the weekend and they include the Colour Infusion Lipstick in Cardinal Red Satin (a vicious red lipstick housed in chrome), and Water Balm in Vanity Black Shimmer (a sheer black glaze in gunmetal packaging). Check them out:

Above: ISAMAYA BEAUTY Colour Infusion Lipstick in cardinal red satin (US$95).

Above: ISAMAYA BEAUTY Colour Water Balm in Vanity Black Shimmer (US$95).

These products were recently announced on the brand’s Instagram and the followers are divided. Comments range from “I have never purchased a lip product faster in my life.” and “How long is it?”, to “That be a no…”. Love or hate the concept, you gotta admit that the products are cheeky, look well-made and are gorgeous on lips. The formulas for both are vegan and cruelty-free, while the lipstick includes botanical actives and plant-derived oils, and the Water Balm has rice water wax and a pearl infusion to create a wet-like shine.

The beauty brand’s website doesn’t deliver directly to Singapore (at the time of writing), but you can always use a service like vPost, or find it on Selfridges once they stock it.

ISAMAYA BEAUTY Colour Infusion Lipstick and Water Balm is priced at US$95 each and available on the brand’s website at ISAMAYA.COM.
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