Why The CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick Is An Essential For The Bold Lips Revival

If you’ve always loved the idea of a classic red lip, then you’ll be glad to know that bold, statement lips are back on the beauty radar. While it hasn’t, technically, gone away, you must have noticed how the world has been stowing away our high-key reds and plums in favour of nude, barely-there shades. Well, not anymore — and the CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet is right at the precipice of this revival.

Above: Photo courtesy Chanel

This latest lipstick formula is a new take on a house classic, in 20 rich hues meant to represent an essential shade range, while taking on various skin-flattering interpretations of red as well. To founder Gabrielle Chanel, the colour red speaks about power and freedom, bold concepts that she had in mind when creating the first CHANEL lipstick in 1924. These days, the iconic click of the elegant Rouge Allure is as coveted as a tweed jacket or one of their quilted leather handbags.

The Velvet’s formula is equal parts matte and luminous, perhaps an apt paradox for how the colour red is as bold as it is delicate, as radical as it is timeless, so that any multi-faceted wearer may express moods that range from subtle and natural to confident and sexy. These reds play on meticulously crafted tones and undertones to present hues such as a soft beige and rosewood to intense crimsons and deep wines.

Ultra-fine and highly-concentrated pigments make for intense and long-wearing colour, while pearly ones give a finish of velvety satin that’s full-coverage yet sensuous; and ever-elegant whether paired with a smokey eye, sleek cateye flick, or even worn on its own for a bold statement.

Ahead, five stunning looks created with our favourite shades of the Rouge Allure Velvet.

ginger lynette USING CHANEL MAKEUP.
hair by, JAMES CHIUN.
shot on location at HOTEL TELEGRAPH SINGAPORE.



Rouge Allure Velvet in 72 Mystérieuse, $62.
Ultra Le Teint Fluide in B10, $97
Sublimage Le Correcteur Yeux in 30, $162.
Stylo Sourcils Waterproof in 812, $65.
Poudre Universelle Libre in 30, $95.
Noir Allure in 10, $68.
Le Vernis in 943, $44.

This chic lipstick shade’s called ‘Mystérieuse’ for a reason. As the darkest shade in the collection, the deep wine hue is perfect if you’re looking to make a statement. We find that it’s best worn with minimalist eye makeup, quick flicks of eyeliner and mascara, as well as a clean base in order for the shade to stand out. No need for embellishments, it’s already doing the most on its own.


Rouge Allure Velvet in 60 intemporelle, $62.
stylo yeux waterproof in 10, $40.


Now, you’d think a caramel beige hue like the ‘Intemporelle’ would be ideal for a clean, bright and simple makeup look. You wouldn’t be wrong. However, we love the idea of contrasting this rather safe shade with something bolder — even punk rock. Makeup artist Ginger Lynette went in for a graphic look, one with thick dashes of eyeliner across the lower lashline that adds definition and makes for some one-of-a-kind style.


Rouge Allure Velvet in 58 rouge vie, $62.
ombre premiÈre laque in 22, $54.
above lipstick, used as eyeshadow.
joues contraste in 330, $82.

‘Rouge Vie’ is one of those warm reddish-brown tones that’ll flatter almost any complexion, and rather trendy at the moment if you’d like to venture out of nude tones into something slightly more daring, without rocking the boat. And here’s how we’d wear it: with a dash of champagne shimmer over the eyes, layered with a little bit of the lipstick for a pleasing monochrome look.


Rouge Allure Velvet in 64 éternelle, $62.
above lipstick, used as blush.

The rose-brown ‘Éternelle’ is a subtle shade that still stands out in the lineup — it’s just nude enough for versatile looks, just rosy-pink enough for that pop of colour, and neither too light nor too dark for everyday situations. In other words, it’s a go-to shade. What’s less go-to though is how we’ve chosen to wear it here — which you can try if you’re looking to elevate your everyday makeup. Layer on the blush across the eyelids and top of the cheekbones for a fresh burst of colour, and remember to blend well so that it looks nice and soft. For the lips, dap on the lipstick instead for a just-bitten effect.


Rouge Allure Velvet in 43 la favorite, $62.
le crayon lévres in 186, $36.

Simply paired with clear eye gloss, the light red ‘La Favorite’ has a slightly pink tone that looks great in all kinds of situations, whether paired with a crisp white shirt, or all smudged out at the end of a long day, all messy, imperfect, and somehow, still très chic.


Available at CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty boutiques and counters, and on the CHANEL Fragrance & Beauty E-Shop, sg-eshop.chanel.com.