CHANEL 31 LE ROUGE is the Ultimate Luxury Lipstick presented in an exquisite glass case

A CHANEL lipstick is anything but “simple”, but when you look at the brand’s newest creation — 31 LE ROUGE — it is in many ways a simple work of art; a lipstick created in a glass case instead of the usual plastic packaging. It looks both minimalist and fancy; elegant yet cool; it’s the sort of product that you’ll regard as precious and will use sparingly, if not at all.


The glass casing is inspired by the many panels of mirrors that line the famous rue Cambon staircase in Paris, and it transforms the ubiquitous lipstick into a true object of beauty. It will no doubt become a collectible for CHANEL fans and beauty junkies, and a bragging right when whipped out of the purse.

Above: mirrors along the wall at the rue Cambon staircase in Paris, that inspired the glass casing.

Above: CHANEL 31 LE ROUGE is available in 12 shades.

To create this new packaging, CHANEL called on the expertise of a master glassmaker from Japan to carve its sleek lines. Glass replaces the standard materials in this lipstick case — it’s a first for this type of design — and because it’s glass, the transparent nature of it reveals the lipstick’s colour as well.

Above: you can peek through the glass cap to see the lipstick shade within.

The lipstick’s formula includes gardenia-infused oil for an instant smoothing effect, plant-derived waxes and oils for comfort and hydration, CHANEL-developed camellia esters to soften lips, and Maracuja oil to boost hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin in the skin.

One lipstick will set you back $223 (yes, for one), but it is refillable, with a total of 12 shades priced at $100 each. And for the perfect gift, there’s a coffret that includes one lipstick, two refills and a sleeve, which will retail at $482.


See all the lipstick shades below. [Click on the images to enlarge.]

CHANEL 31 LE ROUGE 2023 is available from 1 September 2023 at chanel fragrance and beauty boutiques, and online at CHANEL.COM/SG.