Review: I Tried Philosophy’s Basic 3-Step Skincare Routine, Including Their New dose of wisdom™ Serum

Truth be told, it’s been a while since skincare brand philosophy popped up on our radar — though things are about to change. Known for cult classics, such as their award-winning purity made simple one-step facial cleanser, philosophy has been consistent in delivering good-for-all skincare with reliable technology and results; that top-tier cleanser, for instance, still holds its own as the No. 1 cleanser in America.

Still, we’re excited for the new direction they’re moving in, one that’s reflected through a new brand manifesto, new product featuring advanced innovation, and freshly-announced friend of the brand for Southeast Asia, all good things that we discovered during an immersive trip to Bangkok.

The new philosophy

As we discovered, the new philosophy focuses on dermatologic wisdom™, a phrase that sums up the brand’s dedication towards ensuring each and every product by them delivers on high-performance yet gentle results that do not irritate the skin. This also means research on advanced technologies to do with the delivery of precious ingredients, in order to maximise their effects on our skin.

What I found interesting was philosophy’s “less is more” approach to skincare as well. It seems we’re long past 10-step routines and the like, simply because, truthfully, most of us can barely muster the time or effort for twice-daily regimes — and yet, we still want products that work. If you feel exactly like this, then know that philosophy is confident in promoting a simplified three-step routine, one that works because their products are meant to be multi-tasking and stacked with multiple benefits. Why layer with three serums, when one does the job perfectly well on its own? This is certainly a task they take seriously, especially when it comes to the new dose of wisdom™ bouncy skin reactivating serum, which I’ve had the opportunity to review below.

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Jeff Satur, friend of the brand

Oh, one more thing — they’ve got Thai musician and actor Jeff Satur as the first-ever friend of the brand across Southeast Asia!

Not only is he involved in the visuals and advertising campaigns for the new serum, he also appeared during the product launch event in Bangkok, gracing us with hit single ‘Dum Dum’, as well as the catchy “bouncy skin” jingle created by the singer-songwriter himself; this one comes inspired by the simple yet beautiful sound of the flute, an instrument he gravitated to when considering philosophy’s line of skincare.

Jeff Satur, friend of philosophy.

“My philosophy is to be bold and live my life in the most authentic way possible. I am constantly travelling and always want to look my best for my fans — so I need a skincare regimen that is simple, gentle and effective. philosophy helps to put an extra bounce in my skin and in my step. My skin is more hydrated, smooth and youthful, so I am always camera-ready,” he shares.

Watch our Instagram reel of the event here.

The NEW dose of wisdom™ bouncy skin reactivating facial serum

To accompany the brand revamp, philosophy has unveiled an exciting new product, the dose of wisdom™ bouncy skin reactivating serum. True to its name, the daily facial serum is great for those looking to reactivate and restore a healthy bounce to their complexion, as this multi-benefit product enables both deep hydration and collagen support.

Other than containing essential actives such as hyaluronic acid, the serum boasts an advanced three-tier formulation and unique delivery system so those very actives are further optimised. Their highly-targeted technology includes:

  • A patented vitality booster — philosophy introduces encapsulated oxygen in the serum, which renews skin’s vitality while giving skin a plumping effect
  • Molecule grafted hyaluronic acid — The serum contains this ever-reliable hydration booster that’s able to effectively penetrate into the depths of our skin so it stays hydrated for longer.
  • Molecule grafted Vitamin C — An advanced form of Vitamin C goes right into the third layer of our skin where collagen production happens, and helps support its function for firm skin; Vitamin C is also present in a stable, potent and non-irritating form.


With its skin benefits across multiple fronts, the dose of wisdom™ then becomes an essential part of philosophy’s hero regimen, one that includes the purity made simple and hope in a jar moisturiser to target universal skin concerns — and yes, this means both men and women, as proven by Satur.

I set out to try the simplified three-product routine for ourselves, of course, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Check out the review here:

STEP 1: purity made simple one-step facial cleanser

I love a multi-tasking cleanser, and this one went right into my skincare rotation the moment I tried it. Since the purity made simple cleanser is touted as a “one-step” cleanser, I did not hesitate to use it on a full face of makeup; the formula is creamy when pumped out, feels smooth, and transforms into a delicate foam that glides without irritation.

After some gentle massaging, I found that it was able to melt away makeup and remove all traces of my base and colour products effectively — without stinging the eyes at all! I can be as messy and lazy as I want!

The presence of meadowfoam seed oil also provides balance to the skin, so despite its functional abilities, the cleanser still left my skin soft and refreshing. I like that it was also fuss-free for non-makeup days, making the start of my skincare routine a lot easier to maintain.

STEP 2: dose of wisdom™ bouncy skin reactivating facial serum

This one’s another formidable product that I’m seriously considering a top-up of. dose of wisdom™ is here for bouncy skin alright, and don’t underestimate its size, because it has pretty significant results. The texture of the serum is gel-like and lightweight, ensuring that it disappeared into my skin pretty quickly, while the dropper dispensed just the right amount of serum for my face. When used, I immediately felt a supple and plump effect, while noting that it didn’t leave a greasy shine as well.

I had also happened to start this regime at a time when my skin was undergoing a dry spell, which meant that it was prone to sensitivity and redness during long hours under the sun. philosophy’s dose of wisdom™ serum, however, improved this over two weeks of diligent use. I noticed that my skin got less reactive to environmental effects, and was better able to retain hydration as it didn’t feel as dry as before, a testament to the product’s revitalising benefits.

Its combination of oxygen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C — in optimised forms — did the most to maintain my skin’s plump and hydrated condition, and I was glad that it was introduced to my routine at precisely the right time.  I don’t have sensitive skin, but know that this one’s made to minimise irritation for all skin types.

STEP 3: hope in a jar smooth-glow multi-tasking facial moisturizer

I’ve long known philosophy’s hope in a jar moisturiser for its effectiveness in maintaining hydration, but did you know there’s another benefit as well? This multi-tasking moisturiser is also formulated with glycolic acid, which then gently renews skin by removing accumulated dead skin. This effect is, perhaps, less visibly noticeable, but does a lot to increase our skin’s ability to hold moisture; I believe that the use of both the serum and moisturiser combined really helped my skin become more healthy!

The moisturiser also contains an innovative form of hyaluronic acid that’s able to be better absorbed by our skin, which both gives instant hydration and prevents future moisture loss. Its creamy texture went on my skin comfortably and always left my skin feeling refreshed. I do adjust its quantity depending on day and night use though, since it can initially feel slightly thick for our humid climate; in the day, a thin layer is perfect as it melts into skin and allows for makeup to be layered on top without piling or sliding off, and at night, I like to apply a more generous layer to make up for drier air-conditioned air.


philosophy purity made simple one-step facial cleanser ($65, 472ml), dose of wisdom™ bouncy skin reactivating facial serum ($95, 30ml), and hope in a jar smooth-glow multi-tasking facial moisturizer ($65, 60ml).

Available at Sephora in-store and online