Meet the TECNO PHANTOM V Flip 5G, an all-new Smartphone Brand and Flip Phone that just landed in Singapore

If the success and reception of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and OPPO N3 Flip is any indicator, we certainly love our flip phones. Enter a completely new player — TECNO, a Chinese technology brand that established itself in 2006, and just landed in Singapore this month. And they are launching big with their new PHANTOM V Flip 5G — an affordable flip phone that has sufficient bells and whistles to get most consumers interested.

The PHANTOM V Flip 5G has a flip form factor with a slim profile, and comes in two colours: Mystic Dawn (purple) and Iconic Black. On the exterior, there’s what TECNO calls, “The Planet”, a 1.32-inch round cover screen with a deep black display to reflect the darkness of outer space. The camera module runs along the curve of thise display, and represents an “Asteroid Belt”. We like that the display and camera system is flushed flat; it’s sleek and stunning, and an alternative option for consumers looking to switch to a compact flip phone.

Above: The two colours of the PHANTOM V Flip 5G, Mystic dawn and iconic black.

Above: In the box there’s a 45W usb charger, cable and case with ring.

When opened flat, the PHANTOM V Flip 5G has a 6.9-inch main screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. There’s still a centre crease that we see in all flip phones, but it’s surprisingly smooth and subtle.

Above: The PHANTOM V Flip 5G has a 4000mah battery that features 45w flash charging.

Other key features include: an exterior that boasts a “lychee-pattern” leather finish for both colours; a 4000mAh battery that allows for 45W Flash Charging (15 minutes of charging gives you 50% of battery, while 45 minutes of charging offers a full recharge); and an impressive 64MP main camera (more on this below).

Above: The PHANTOM V Flip 5G in Mystic dawn, with tecno’s megabook t1 2023 14-inch flagship laptop that’s launching together with the phone.

Above: The PHANTOM V Flip 5G in iconic black with tecno’s TRUE 1 noise cancelling earbuds.

As we expect from any modern flip phone, the external display can be fully customised and it’s functional — it offers easy access to the camera, music and messages. “Smart Widgets” for this display also include the weather forecast, vitality rings, timer, sound recording, agenda, stopwatch, and alarms.

Above: Taking selfies with the main camera and external display.

Above: the external display can be fully customised with smart widgets.

There are two camera lenses on “The Planet” — a 64MP RGBW Ultra Sensitive main camera with an f/1.7 aperture, and a 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle camera. The Front Camera has an impressive 32MP Dual-flash Autofocus lens, and can be triggered by gesture or voice.

Above: capturing a selfie with the front camera using gesture.

While TECNO’s a brand new player in an already saturated Singapore smartphone market, it makes sense to launch here and offer consumers more options — especially one in the popular flip form. The Phantom V Flip 5G has luxury-level aesthetics, flagship specs, and a competitive camera system, but it’ll be the lower price point that will be the ultimate deciding factor for consumers. We don’t have full pricing details for Singapore yet, but we are told that the phone will be released in India first with the early bird price of INR49,999 (USD598). Pricing will vary across different markets and is subject to the price announced at the time of launch in each individual market. We’ll update this space when we have more news.

Above: The PHANTOM V Flip 5G in Mystic dawn with ring case.

Above: The PHANTOM V Flip 5G’s compact form.
The TECNO Phantom V Flip 5G Smartphone was announced in singapore today, 22 september 2023. Pricing and availability to come.