The BVLGARI OMNIA Fragrance Collection Captures Luminous Light In New Crystal-Inspired Bottles

“She’s everything”. We reserve this line for captivating individuals who, more often than not, effortlessly radiate good energy — and the same can be said for the refreshed BVLGARI OMNIA fragrance line. With an elegant Latin name that translates into “everything”, the collection sees three signature fragrances in beautiful translucent bottles that sparkle like gemstones, which hold the most radiant floral scents as well.

BVLGARI’s OMNIA line shouldn’t be new to us, especially if you’re an avid fragrance collector; in fact, you may have felt like you’ve grown up with the scent since it was first introduced in 2003. This latest evolution of the OMNIA, however, does away with the familiar metal accent on its iconic interlocking bottle, and instead opts for redesigned clear flacons in line with their ‘Reveal Your Light’ campaign — an apt choice that puts a spotlight on these timeless, luminous scents.

“Two detachable rings flow into each other, unveiling the fragrance’s atomiser and expressing the evolution of the collection,” says the brand on their bottle, shaped to look like an infinity symbol, and another indicator of the series’ timelessness. A sophisticated rose-coloured frame on the cap is a nod to the house of BVLGARI’s expertise as well, of their storied heritage in jewellery craftsmanship.

The OMNIA Crystalline, OMNIA Amethyste, and OMNIA Coral fragrances feature the same formulas and scent profiles as before, exquisitely crafted by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. Each of them are inspired by their respective gemstones — Crystal, Amethyst, and Red Coral — for multi-faceted scents with individual characteristics.

American actress Cailee Spaeny, set to star in the upcoming Sofia Coppola- directed film Priscilla, a biopic centred around the wife of Elvis Presley, is also the newly-appointed ambassador for the BVLGARI OMNIA collection, signalling a new chapter for the beloved fragrance line. Take a look at each of the three scents below.


OMNIA Crystalline is a clean-girl scent that evokes the purity and clarity of crystal. Light shines right through the bottle in this luminous Eau de Toilette, and one of the first notes you might encounter would be the aquatic transparency of the lotus flower, followed by the air-like quality of the scent’s white peony accord. The warmth of balsa wood and a sensual crystal musk accord then envelop the scent with a pleasing wood trail once it has settled into your skin.


If you’re into crystals, then you’ll know how the Amethyst is beloved for its calming presence. The OMNIA Amethyste develops this with a more elegant edge though, with a delicate and powdery scent that imagines a garden of irises dappled with morning dew. Its bright opening of citrusy pink grapefruit blends with rich Damask rose absolute, along with solar wood notes, for a truly unique composition.


This is a solar scent that evokes positive energy, especially since the OMNIA Coral takes on the qualities of the vibrant red coral gem. A heart of hibiscus, combined with the softness of water lily, draws us in with its bright aura, for a floral-fruity fragrance further accentuated by bergamot, goji berry, pomegranate, and elegant cedar wood.


BVLGARI OMNIA is now available at the Bulgari store at MBS and online, at major departmental stores, and at Sephora.
  • BVLGARI OMNIA Crystalline and Amethyste: $124 for 30ml, $167 for 50ml and $240 for 100ml
  • BVLGARI OMNIA Coral: $240 for 100ml