OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear returns with Generation 2 smart audio glasses

Earlier this year, OWNDAYS and HUAWEI collaborated on a collection of smart audio glasses that had a snap-on sunglass lens. You can read about it here:

OWNDAYS x HUAWEI Eyewear Smart Audio Glasses lets you see and listen with an in-built speaker system

This month, they launch their Generation 2 Smart Audio Glasses, with significant enhancements that include better sound quality, being lighter in weight, and having a larger battery capacity (a full charge provides up to 11 hours of audio playback or 9 hours of voice call; an increase of 5 hours and 4.5 hours respectively from the 1st generation).


Above: Video courtesy owndays.

Above: the generation 2 smart audio glasses are 20% slimmer at the temples than the 1st generation, with the temple tips being 28% slimmer. The temples are made of resin, a lightweight material that is gentle on the skin, flexible and resistant to deformation.

With these new frames, there’s now a co-directional dual diaphragm unit that utilises a dual-coil four-magnet design; this boosts media volume by 30% and loudspeaker amplitude by 40% compared to the previous model. The audio sounds clearer and more defined, with a stronger bass and wider frequency.

Above: the acoustic units on the arms, and plugged in to the included charger.

There’s also less sound leakage as the acoustic units are directed straight to the ears; plus the smart audio glasses can sense quieter surroundings like an elevator or meeting room, and lower volume accordingly.

The new lineup consists of four popular eyewear designs in two colour variations each (Black and Clear Grey or Clear Brown).

You can also add on the separate clip-on SNAP LENS ($20) that converts the spectacles to sunglasses. These are polarised lenses that reduce glare so it’s a worthwhile top-up if you’re getting these glasses.

Above: The clip-on snap lens at an additional $20.

Above: The snap lens is extremely thin and adds very little width to the frames.

Above: The OWNDAYS x HUAWEI smart audio glasses.
The OWNDAYS x HUAWEI smart audio glasses are priced at $398 and available at owndays stores from 22 december 2023.