Dior Beauty’s Spring Makeup Collection Is All Soft Pinks And Girly Glam

In the second year of the Barbie movie, we’re celebrating femininity in all shapes and shades, which beautifully coincides with the timeless yet soft, natural pinks seen in Dior Beauty’s Spring collection. Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, envisions a series inspired by the iconic Rouge Dior, itself a symbol of femininity and self-expression, where he has curated six soft and natural shades for the Spring 2024 collection, and then pairs them with eyeshadow palettes and nail polishes for a complete look.

“For this Spring 2024 Collection, I wanted to elevate Rouge Dior and create a collection that completes your look, in a cute and timeless way, with discreet yet exciting shades,” he continues. The word “cute” is unexpected, but certainly lines up with the girly and coquette trends we’ve seen all over social media. This year, Dior also welcomes the charismatic actress Rachel Zegler, most recently seen in the latest Hunger Games instalment, as muse for the Rouge Dior campaign.

Rachel Zegler for the Rouge Dior campaign.
Spring 2024 Look.


Most recently, the Rouge Dior lipstick has been reinvented with a clean formula, infused with hydrating red peony extract, and a combination of natural origin-plant waxes, fine oils and mineral powders for lips that stay comfortable throughout the day. A new and contemporary range of shades is available too, in either velvet or satin finishes, just as its new blue refillable case sports a new look, now with a more minimalist silver-coloured “CD” ring for a couture-inspired appeal, with the iconic canework pattern on the lid of the lipstick case.

Rouge Dior shades — 100 Nude Look, velvet finish | 221 Frou-Frou, velvet finish | 434 Promenade, satin finish | 458 Paris, satin finish | 720 Icone, satin finish | 849 Rouge Cinema, satin finish.

For the Spring shades, Dior has narrowed it down to a harmonious palette of natural beige and soft pink tones, alongside sparkling pinks, bricks and deep red. One of the highlights though, would have to be 720 Icone in a satin finish, a pleasing rosewood with subtle brown accents, and a different take on nude pink.


Then, there are the other house icons to go along with these Rouge Dior shades, from a limited-edition Diorshow 5 Couleurs palette to a blush, lip gloss and nail polish. For the eyes, we’ve got two curated series of colours to pick from — either 923 Popeline Peach, inspired by sunny notes of pink and coral, or 123 Pink Organza, which combines soft pinks, beige, and taupe in cooler tones.

The Rouge Blush of the season arrives in the shade 225 Delicate Rose, a perfect sophisticated pink that freshens up the complexion like Spring morning. These powders come embossed with a subtle pattern inspired by couture fabrics.

Everyone’s favourite Dior Addict Lip Maximizer gloss is also back, in either 056 Frosted Pink, an icy rose, or 060 Shimmery Spice, a rosy copper, to pair with either warm- or cool-toned eyeshadow palettes. We’re not forgetting your nails too, whether it’s the shimmery coral pink of 555 Popeline, a trendy purple 595 Lilac Organza, or 001 Dior Sequins, a top coat that’ll jazz up your nails with glittery hints of platinum, lilac, pink and deep purple sparkle.


The Dior Beauty Spring Collection, now exclusively available on the Dior Beauty Online Boutique.