The CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche Lipsticks Take Us From Night To Day

Forget day to night, CHANEL’s latest lipstick launch takes us from night to day, with eight hues of the Rouge Allure Velvet, each corresponding to eight specific hours of the night. This one’s for the night owls who get energised at the stroke of midnight, or those who appreciate the magic of city lights that come alive only when the sun’s gone down.

The limited-edition Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche collection is as stylish as ever, this time in exclusive white cases trimmed with black, while retaining the signature and highly satisfying click of the Rouge Allure series. These are luminous matte colours as well, meant to be elegant yet comfortable on the lips, as seen on actress Margot Robbie.

CHANEL’s take on a night about town starts the moment the clock strikes midnight, starting with a vibrant sienna red (0:00) and energising brick orange (01:00) to kickstart an unforgettable night; this then continues with more vivid hues such as orange red (02:00) and vibrant fuchsia (03:00) as the party goes into full swing, followed by intimate shades of warm brown (04:00) and a luminous purple (05:00). Just as we’re approaching dawn, the colours then give way to light cool tones of a burnished rosewood (06:00) and a fresh pink (07:00).

The full list of shades are as follows:

  • 00:00 – A Sienna Red
  • 01:00 – A Brick Orange
  • 02:00 – An Orange Red
  • 03:00 – A Vibrant Fuchsia
  • 04:00 – A Warm Brown
  • 05:00 – A Purple
  • 06:00 – A Burnished Rosewood
  • 07:00 – A Fresh Pink

The lipsticks also arrive in a set of 2 with shades 00:00 and 06:00, and a set of 4 with the additional shades of 02:00 and 06:00.

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CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Nuit Blanche, $70 each, available from 29 February at CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty boutiques, and on the CHANEL Official Fragrance & Beauty Online Store, and from 8 March at CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty counters.