Our Top Picks From The Winners Of This Year’s Guardian Health & Beauty Awards 2024

Drugstore beauty just isn’t the same anymore — at least, that’s what we realised when we stepped into a Guardian store recently. Gone are the stark white lighting and almost clinical shelves; in its place, warm lighting that best showcase the wide array of health and beauty products in store, many of which represent the best-in-class and most trendy products from around the world.

Think toner pads and juicy k-beauty lip tints; the most high-tech suncare, skincare and hair care technology; and supplements that boost everything from our gut health to healthy hair and good sleep, all conveniently available at the one-stop shop that’s Guardian.

Every year, the retailer also plays host to a highly-anticipated signature event: the Guardian Health & Beauty Awards. It aims to spotlight — and crown — the best in the health and beauty industry, with bestselling brands and raved-about items in each category specifically hand-picked by a team of experts in the field. Guardian also makes sure to update the award categories yearly as well, in order to stay current to evolving trends and preferences.

Alongside the awards, Guardian will be running an exclusive ‘3 for 2 Mix & Match‘ promotion, both in stores and online, where you get to choose from over 3,000 top picks, including some of this year’s award-winning products. The promotion will be running for a limited time only, from now till 5 June 2024. And if you’re wondering what ought to be on your shopping list, look ahead to Guardian’s e-catalogue, or read on for some of our curated picks for the season.



[Multi Balm]
KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm

KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm, $34.60 (U.P. $46.30, 25% off)

This k-beauty phenomenon is one of those that took the world by storm when it first launched, and comes highly recommended mostly because it gives the most enviable dewy skin effect in a convenient stick format. KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Multi-Balm, as the name implies, is more than a hydrating stick though — the balm boasts potent anti-ageing benefits and helps stimulate collagen production in our skin too, thanks to a Triple Salmon Complex that boosts skin elasticity. Feel free to apply it on dry areas of the skin, anywhere with fine lines and wrinkles, and even over makeup on places that need that extra lustre and glow.

[Hydrating Mask]
Torriden Dive-IN HA Sheet Masks Pack

Torriden Dive-IN HA Sheet Masks Pack, $30.30 [3 for 2]
Part of hyped-about Korean skincare brand Torriden’s flagship range, the Dive-IN Line, these HA Sheet Masks capitalise on their beloved, skin-quenching 5D-Complex Hyaluronic Acid technology, which boosts and conditions skin with plenty of moisture, while providing long-lasting hydration. Each sheet mask is made of soft and flexible bio-cellulose that’s soaked with the signature Dive-IN serum, with the material ensuring that the mask retains and effectively delivers the hyaluronic acid essence to our skin, resulting in a smooth, dewy and plumped-up complexion.

[Derma Serum, Anti-Ageing]
Avène Hyaluron Activ B3 Concentrated Plumping Serum

Avène Hyaluron Activ B3 Concentrated Plumping Serum, $109.90 [3 for 2]
In a category set aside for derma-skincare brands, which produce derma-grade products that contain superior active ingredients that are usually safe for sensitive skin, this Avène Hyaluron Activ B3 serum stands out in the highly-competitive category, mainly because it contains high concentrations of 6% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid. These two actives, present in a minimalist formula of just 8 ingredients of 94% natural origin, go a long way in acting on the cause of ageing itself so we can see firm skin with smoother fine lines and wrinkles. There’s even an immediate tightening effect after use, while the fragrance-free product has been tested on sensitive skin, and is suitable for all areas of the face, even the eye area.

[Derma Moisturiser Gel]
SKINTIFIC 5X Ceramide Moisturizer Gel

SKINTIFIC 5X Ceramide Moisturizer Gel, $20.20 [3 for 2]
Developed and formulated by scientists in Canada, SKINTIFIC’s skincare chooses to focus on specific active ingredients that work wonders on skin, such as the trio of Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Centella Asiatica, all of which are present in this 5X Ceramide Moisturizer Gel. The lightweight cream further contains five types of Ceramides to deeply moisturise and most importantly, repair, protect and strengthen our skin barrier, which helps in our skin being able to retain moisture and be well-protected against external factors; it can also improve damaged skin problems such as acne, redness, and texturised skin, in a safe and science-backed formula.



[Bestselling Anti-Grey Serum]
Trichoderm Black Series Anti-Grey Max Hair Serum

Trichoderm Black Series Anti-Grey Max Hair Serum, $91.60

Grey hair is perhaps an inevitable sign of ageing, though today’s advanced technology means there are more than a couple of ways to combat it. Take dedicated hair care brand Trichoderm, for instance, with their latest and most upgraded Anti-Grey Max Hair Serum that’s proven to reverse grey hair from the roots, and result in a decrease of grey hair density. Now with three times the concentration of active ingredients, it’s important to note that this is not a hair colourant and is free from silicone, paraben and SLS as well. Instead, the made-in Japan product contains three important ingredients — GreyVerse™ is a patented peptide that’s clinically proven to reverse grey hair by enriching the melanin content in the hair shaft; SilverFree™ helps with pigmentation and providing a shield against oxidative damage; while MelanoGray™, an anti-grey hair extract responsibly-sourced from Chios mandarins, further reduces grey hair frequency in both men and women.

[Shaving, Men]
GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar Razor

GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar Razor, $29.50 (U.P. $40.60, 27% off)

A razor by any another name… would still be a razor? Not this Gillette tool though. The GilletteLabs men’s razor stands out for being able to combine shaving and exfoliating in one effortless stroke, as it’s coupled with a built-in exfoliating bar that removes dirt and debris for a smooth and efficient shave. On top of that, 2DFlexDisc technology means the razor can adapt to the contours to your face, for a closer and more comfortable experience, while it also comes with five blades and a premium magnetic stand that keeps it clean and hygienic.

[Relax & Sleep Aid, Non-Melatonin]
GO Healthy Magnesium Sleep

GO Healthy Magnesium Sleep, $59.10 [3 for 2]
A good night’s sleep is definitely necessary to one’s health, and there’s no harm in reaching for a sleep supplement should you require it, in order to support deep and restful sleep. Those sensitive to Melatonin, a common ingredient in supplements of this category, would be happy to note that New Zealand brand GO Healthy’s Magnesium Sleep is free of it, and instead, relies on two forms of Magnesium — the highly-absorbable Magnesium chelate, and natural marine Magnesium — which help relax muscles and ease nervous tension and stress. These are chosen to be easily absorbed as well, for the calming formula to be more effective when in use.

[Beauty Enhancer Skin Supplement, Anti-Ageing]
GreenLife Derma Youth Deer Placenta

GreenLife Derma Youth Deer Placenta, $84.75 (U.P. $130.40, 35% off)

Luminous skin, a youthful complexion, improved cellular repair, and healthy energy levels — these are just some of the key benefits present in GreenLife’s Derma Youth Deer Placenta supplement, designed to do all the above by incorporating a prized Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredient, Deer Placenta. The latter is known in TCM circles to balance Yin and Yang energies within the body, though it’s also a rich source of amino acids that then helps with the aforementioned skin and health benefits; the brand also uses a specialised air-drying technology to retain high-quality nutrients from Australian Deer Placenta. The formula further contains Marine Collagen, Evening Primrose Oil, Avocado and Grape Seed Oils for even more multi benefits that support women’s well-being.


All items featured here are available at Guardian stores islandwide, and online at guardian.com.sg. More on the ‘3 for 2’ promotion here