Chloe Grace Moretz Opens Up About Going Makeup-less In SK-II’s #BareSkinProject

There is an alluring, fresh beauty in everyone’s bare faces that we need to appreciate more, and we’re glad that SK-II finally launched a campaign to turn the spotlight on being confident in your own skin. We’re always told to cover up our imperfections and that makeup will present your best face, but we need to be more proud of our own naked faces.

Just barely a month ago, SK-II released 6 gorgeous portraits of celebrities who went makeup-less in front of the camera as a testament to the restorative power of miracle water SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. As part of their #BareSkinProject, these 6 celebrities boldly allowed photographers from Magnum Photos to shoot them without any makeup.

Chloe Grace Moretz, Chun Xia, Kasumi Arimura, Mayu Matsuoka, Ni Ni and Tang Wei all sat down in the studio with Christopher Anderson, Alessandra Sanguinetti and Jim Goldberg – all amazing photographers in their own rights and part of the biggest photo collective Magnum Photos. Their portraits weren’t given any skin-retouching to bring out the naked beauty of makeup-less skin.

Just in case you were wondering how legit these portraits are, you can take a look at this video of Chloe’s journey with SK-II as she takes you behind the scenes of her shoot in Japan.

The American actress has also shared that she was initially quite worried about baring her face in front of the camera without any makeup in an interview. “It was so refreshing to hear about a campaign that aims to embrace women’s natural beauty and spark a movement of authenticity and confidence,” Chloe says. “I knew that this was a perfect for me and what I represent.”

“I now find so much beauty in the simplicity of bare skin.”

Chloe also thinks that with age, she became more confident even without having to turn to makeup to cover up her flaws. In order to be more confident in her own skin, the key is to start with a good canvas. “I focused on taking care of my skin, starting with the basics,” Chloe said about her newfound confidence. To prepare for her shoot, she even started using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. “I use it in the day and night to help my skin lock in the moisture. I felt that SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence has 100% helped – I wake up with a natural tone and glow to my complexion. It has given me clear and glowing skin which made me feel so much more confident on set.”

“Putting your bare skin forward, into the world, should be something all women feel comfortable doing and through the #BareSkinProject, we hope to make them more confident in doing so.”

Confidence is more than just hiding behind a strong facade. Chloe drops one last advice, “Embrace who you truly are! You don’t need to hide behind anything, including makeup. You don’t have to follow societal norms. Take care of your mental and physical health.” Personally, Chloe finds that meditation, yoga and a daily workout helps to keep her grounded and focused. Of course, having good skin is a good plus too!

“I would wear my bare skin as a badge of honor now.”

Actresses Chun Xia and Kasumi Arimura have also released their own behind-the-scenes journey with the #BareSkinProject. Watch them here:

See more about the #BareSkinProject by visiting SK-II on Instagram.

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Chloe Grace Moretz And Tang Wei Bare Their No Makeup Faces For SK-II’s #BareSkinProject