Lomogrophy’s Latest Diana Instant Square Camera Now Has Interchangeable Lens

Earlier this year, hipster photophiles were all getting excited when they found out that Lomography had set up a Kickstarter campaign for an instant camera that had interchangeable lens! It obviously surpassed its goal in record time, and we’re not surprised that the camera brand has now officially launched the Diana Instant Square Camera on their site.

Sure, the appeal of instant cameras was their fixed focal length lens and unpredictability. You can look through the viewfinder to capture the right frame, but you didn’t really know how the photo would turn out until you were holding the developed film in your hands, with gorgeous saturated colours, moody vignetting and artistic light leaks.

With the new Diana Instant Square Camera, keep your love for analogue going with even more creative shots. The latest camera allows you to easily swap your lenses to get different perspectives. Previously you had to use fisheye attachments or actually modify your camera if you wanted a different look. Now it’s as simple as swapping the lens!

As for the film, the Diana Instant Square Camera uses the Fujifilm’s Square Instax film, so you can also further personalise your photos with Instax’s cute and quirky film borders that they are famous for.

Diana Instant Square Camera With Flash Adriano Edition, $198

Instead of having to get used to a single lens which can sometimes limit the shots you get, the Diana Instant Square Deluxe Kit comes with six Diana F+ lenses including a 75 mm kit lens, 110 mm telephoto lens, 38 mm super-wide angle lens, 55 mm wide-angle lens, 55 mm close-up attachment, and 20 mm fisheye lens. You can get the lenses individually, but it’s definitely cheaper to just get the package kit, which also comes with a hotshoe flash and the colour-jelly filters for quirky photos. Other attachments include various detachable viewfinders optimised for the lens you’re using, a splitzer and a selfie mirror so you don’t mess up that group selfie.

Left (top to bottom): 75 mm kit lens, 110 mm telephoto lens, 38 mm super-wide-angle lens. Right (top to bottom): 55 mm wide-angle lens, 55 mm close-up attachment, 20 mm fisheye lens.

The Diana Instant Square Camera comes in two colours: the classic blue and black design from their 60s design, and a new funky cream coloured version with light blue panels and brown leather accents that costs slightly more.

Diana Instant Square Adriano Deluxe Kit, $328

Here are some shots from a couple of photographers who managed to get their hands on the camera!

Film cameras are all about fun, but we’re sure that there are some serious photographers with DSLR gear. If you already own the  Diana+ 75mm Premium Glass Lens which can also be mounted on DLSRs with just an additional adaptor, it’ll also fit fine onto the Diana Square Instant. This lens is made with three coated glass lenses for ultra crisp shots of your subjects without losing the dreamy colouring of the Diana.

Diana+ 75mm Premium Glass Lens, $78


The Diana Instant Square Camera retails at $148, and retails at $188 with flash. The Diana Instant Square Deluxe Kit that includes 6 lenses and a hotshoe mount retails at $318. The Adriano edition costs an additional $10 more.
The Diana 75mm Premium Glass Lens retails at $78.
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