5,000 fake Foreo devices just crashed onto a road in China, and Foreo is rejoicing

We know Foreo mainly for their LUNA face cleansing device. The NYLON team has put it to the test and it’s good; so good that the brand claims that one LUNA product is sold every three seconds somewhere in the world. And that’s seriously impressive considering Foreo as a company has only been around for six years. But of course, where you have a successful product, you will also have fakes because there’s money to be made. Some fakes are obvious and fool no one; but some look exactly like the real thing — but all fakes have one thing in common… they take business away from the original.

So when a truck carrying fake LUNAs tips over and spills 5,000 fake devices onto a road, it’s no surprise that Foreo is pretty pleased with that development (also, no one was hurt). So this apparently happened across a highway in China’s Zhejiang province, and was reported on WeChat News. Here’s the video:



Some counterfeit businesses operate in plain sight — especially when they enlist influencers with millions of followers. An example is celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Ta, seen here endorsing a cleansing device from TESS Beauty.



But most businesses producing and selling fakes operate in the dark and are hard to find; so when you have a truck spilling their contraband for the world to see, brands like Foreo jump at the chance to catch them. And that’s a case Foreo’s looking into now.



Remember, the counterfeit business is a nasty one; chances are, factory conditions are bad, and workers are unlikely receiving fair wage. If the buying stops, so will the supply.

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