BreadTalk Is Bringing The Taste Of Japan Here With Its New Offerings

You know the cherry blossom season is around the corner when cherry blossom-inspired makeup products, food and beverages are here! BreadTalk’s new Japanese-inspired range, ‘Oishii Japan’, will make you feel as if you’re in the land of cherry blossoms with its variety of sweet and savoury buns and beautifully crafted cakes.




L – R, Kare~Oishii, $1.90; Edamame Chiizu, $1.80; Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, $2.20 (Photo Courtesy of BreadTalk)


If you want a slightly spicy kick, try Kare~Oishii, which combines Japanese curry with pork for a flavourful bun. The Edamame Chiizu’s appearance may be reminiscent of an onigiri (a Japanese rice ball), but don’t be fooled — instead of rice, this bun contains edamame beans and cheddar cheese in a natural yeast toast bread. For a sandwich with a twist, go for the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich which consists of shredded cabbage and tender pieces of chicken thigh glazed in teriyaki sauce sandwiched between brioche bread.


L – R, Konni‘Chikuwa’, $1.90; ‘Corn’banwa, $1.80 (Photo Courtesy of BreadTalk)


Konni’Chikuwa’ features chikuwa (a Japanese fishcake) on a crispy Danish pastry base, topped with tuna and cheddar cheese for a savoury delight. The corn-looking ‘Corn’banwa has a creamy custard infused with Hokkaido milk within light butter toasted bread, complete with sweet corn kernels.




L – R, Hai! Cheese, $29.80; Sakura Snow Cheese, $18.80 (Photo Courtesy of BreadTalk)


Pretty in pink, these two Hokkaido milk cheesecakes are finally back by popular demand! Sakura-infused Hokkaido milk cheesecake Hai! Cheese has mascarpone cheese mouse, while the Sakura Snow Cheese has a light creamy filling.


L – R, Sakura Cottony Cake, $1.90; Fuwa Fuwa Sakura, $2.80 (Photo Courtesy of BreadTalk)


The Sakura Cottony Cake contains a velvety butter cream infused with tangy plum flavours, while the Fuwa Fuwa Sakura is filled with plum Chantilly cream cheese.


L – R, Genki Parmesan, $8.80; Salted Caramel Apple Dream, $25.80 (Photo Courtesy of BreadTalk)


Can’t choose between sweet and savoury? How about getting the best of both worlds with these new sweet and salty treats? For something ligher on the palate, try the Genki Parmesan, a light cheescake sprinkled with parmesan cheese powder. If you want something richer in taste, then get the Salted Caramel Apple Dream which consists of two chiffon layers — vanilla and chocolate. It also has an apple filling, complete with a salted caramel glaze and rare cheesecake mousse.


Buns are available at all BreadTalk outlets from now till 12 May 2019.
Hai! Cheese and Genki Parmesan are available at all BreadTalk outlets, except Singapore Cruise Centre and United Square outlets, from now till 5 May 2019.
All other cakes will be available at all Breadtalk outlets, except Singapore Cruise Centre and United Square outlets, from 18 March to 12 May 2019.