It’s Smooth Sailing For Starbucks This Summer

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy. Or at least it should be. It’s summer all year long in Singapore, but living in this concrete jungle sometimes makes it a little difficult to fully get into the summer spirit. Well, Starbucks Singapore is bringing a tropical paradise to you. With delicious additions to their food and drink menu, and brand new nautical merchandise, we’re spoilt for choice.


Kick start your day with one of their breakfast selections. The new additions to their menu include a hearty Smoked Chicken & Tomato Cream Cheese Sesame Bagel ($5.90) and a wholesome Oat, Flax and Chia Seed Bread ($3.90) that’s served with butter and jam. For those of you with a sweet tooth, try out their Honey Yogurt with Chocolate Chunk Vanilla Granola ($4.90). While you’re at it, why not combine it with the Yuzu Honey Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino® ($7.90/tall)? It’s been a favourite of ours since its release at the beginning of summer, and it’s the perfect complementary drink. Whether you’re on the go or you have some time to kill, these are sure to fill you up and get you ready for the day ahead.



We all go to Starbucks for one main thing — their drinks. With two new Frappuccinos®, we’re welcoming them with open arms. For all you caffeine fiends, the new Dark Caramel Coffee Sphere Frappuccino® ($8.20/tall) is bound to satisfy your coffee cravings. With coffee spheres that are akin to tiny bubble tea pearls, we can’t wait to experience a flavour explosion with this bittersweet drink.



For those of you who, like us, are fantasising of a lazy pool day, quench your thirst with the new Watermelon & Lychee Aloe Frappuccino® ($8.20/tall). With the flavours of the tropics, this drink will have you spinning into summer (without the sunburn)!


Whether you’re a student who just needs a study break or heading out for a snack, if there’s one thing we all love, it’s instagrammable food. If you’ve been dying to bring some summer flair to your feeds, you are in for a treat. The new seasonal desserts are here, and they’re just asking to be gobbled up — after a photo, of course.



With the oh-so-instagrammable Rock Melon Cake ($6.90), Watermelon Mousse Cake ($6.90) and Raspberry Mango Cake ($6.90), it feels like a waste to eat them and ruin their tropical glory, but an even bigger waste to not devour them down to the last crumb.


With every new season comes new Starbucks merchandise, and we are drowning in options. Ranging from mugs, tumblers and even boat-shaped bowls, this nautical themed collection of merchandise is begging to be bought. It’s cool to help save the environment, and why not look good doing it? Adorned with refreshingly quaint hand-drawn illustrations, it’s going to be hard to resist collecting them all.

On top of the adorable dish and beverageware, a handy tote and a variety of denim pouches are available for purchase as well! Customisable with a bunch of stick-on and iron-on patches, they’re also the perfect accessories for the beach. If all this wasn’t enticing enough, don’t forget to pick up a new Starbucks Card — just by loading $20!

Take a look at the full merchandise collection below.


1. Sailboat. Left to right: $44.90, $39.90, $20.90 (Only available at Starbucks Jewel Changi Airport)
2. Adrift. Ceramic Bowl with butter knives: $45.90 (Only available at starbucks jewel changi airport)
3. Sunset. Left to right: $32.90, $22.90, $18.90
4. Hello Summer, $36.90 each
5. Summertime Fun. Left to right: 3oz mug with saucer: $19.90, 12oz mug with stirrer: $24.90
6. Clear blue. Left to right: $26.90, $18.90, $26.90
7. Mini Sailboat, $26.90
8. Sea Breeze. Left to right: $30.90, $29.90
9. Stripes. Left to right: Ceramic bowl with butter knives: $45.90 (Only available at starbucks jewel changi airport), tote bag (comes with iron-on patches): $29.90, Denim Pouch: $21.90 (Available at selected stores only)
10. Sand-proof denim pouch. $22.90 per set
11. Nautical Starbucks Card. Yours when you load $20 into the starbucks Card.

Starbucks Rewards™

We’re also introduced to a brand new Starbucks Rewards™ Card,  and it is flippin’ adorable! Just load $20 into the Starbucks Card and it’s all yours. If you haven’t heard of the Starbucks Rewards™ Programme, check out this guide we made.


Starbucks At Home

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about all you homebodies. Starbucks has introduced three new blends to the Reserve™ coffee lineup this season and they all pack a tropical punch. The Guatemala Santa Cecilia Estate ($28/250g), Rwanda Hingakawa ($22/250g) and Kenya Rungeto ($31/250g) are all fruity, floral and absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, they are only available at Starbucks Reserve™ stores, but we promise they’re worth the effort. With their light flavours complemented by the richness of either cocoa nibs or dark chocolate, you’ll surely want to wake up to these blends.



The Cold Brew Pitcher Packs ($19.90) are also making a comeback this season. Made with Latin-American and African coffee beans, this smooth medium roast is rich with chocolate notes and the perfect way to enjoy Starbucks Cold Brew in the comfort of your own home.


All food, beverages and merchandise, except denim pouches, are currently available at Starbucks stores island-wide.
All denim pouches launch June 3rd and will only be available at selected Starbucks stores.
All Starbucks Reserve™ items are currently available at Starbucks Reserve™ stores island-wide.