MUJI To Go – Your Go-To For Travel Essentials

Travel in comfort with gear that’s not only functional but appealing as well. That’s where Muji to Go comes in.

Aimed at making travel as comfortable as everyday life, their travel items will “feel like you’ve never left home”. So read on, if you want to know how to be as comfortable as you are at home when travelling abroad.

The Go-To For Luggage

Picking the wrong luggage could mean coming home with lesser gifts, or worse – broken things if it doesn’t hold up. Check out Muji to Go’s hard carry case. Available in a range of sizes, they feature 4 double wheels instead of the conventional single for a sturdier and quieter roll.

U.P. $169 – $449 | Now 10% OFF till 29 May. Available in 19L, 35L, 62L, 87L, 104L

There’s also a foldable soft carry case available in S & L. Worry no more about liquid stains as its made of water-repellent materials and you can also fold it down to half its width for easy storage. Convenient.

Foldable Soft Carry Case (Available in sizes S & L). U.P. $199 & $249 | Now 30% OFF till 29 May

The Go-To For Travel Convenience

If I had one of these every time I travel, I wouldn’t be calling home to my mum asking where she placed my items (she offered to pack, there was no coercion involved). Made out of ultra-light and durable paraglider material, the Paraglider Cloth Gusset Case is nifty when it comes to organizing your travel items. From clothes to towels and knickers, it’ll help organize your items and make packing that much neater.

Paraglider Cloth Gusset Case. U.P. $9.60 – $20.90 | NOW 20% OFF till 29 May

Should you need a bag, these are foldable ones offered by Muji. Lightweight, durable, portable and made from paraglider material, the bags are easily stowed away into a small storage pouch when you don’t need them.


Paraglider Foldable Bags U.P. $59 | NOW 10% OFF till 29 May

If you haven’t exploded in frustration looking for your earpiece, chargers, cables while travelling, you haven’t really travelled, have you. I’m sure we’ve all been through the hassle of looking high and low for these small items so why not keep the blood pressure down with these handy cases.


Hanging Case U.P. $23 & $26 | NOW 20% OFF till 29 May

Thin, compact and most importantly, it keeps your small travel essentials all in one place. A mesh pocket lets you identify your items at a glance and hang it wherever you need it with the hook. Comes in three different designs, pick one that you need!

Portable laundry items – an essential part of any traveller’s kit. From foldable hangers and lint rollers to a portable shoe horn, never worry about looking crummy anymore. Even if you just spent a few nights in a questionable backpacker’s inn.


The Go-To For Comfort

You’ve seen neck cushions, but have you seen neck cushions made by Muji to Go? Just like any good travel neck cushion, it’s packed with millions of beads in a comfy, stretchy fabric that helps contours the cushion to your head and neck. The cool part is that there’s a hood attached to act as an eye mask.


Neck Cushion. U.P. $29~$49 | NOW 20% OFF till 29 May

No travel is complete without a good pair of sandals to put on after a long aching day of sightseeing. Made of durable, lightweight EVA soles, the clear foot straps make it easy to match your outfits.

Beach Sandals. U.P. $13.90 | NOW 20% OFF till 29 May

Whether you’re going to a cold or hot country, you can’t go wrong having a stainless steel tumbler with you. Especially one designed for easy drinking and washing. Sipping hot tea in the cold, or drinking ice water in the heat while travelling can be a game changer!

Stainless Steel Tumbler. U.P. $33 – $59 | NOW 10% OFF till 29 May


From now until 29 May, enjoy up to 30% discount off selected items. With the June holidays approaching, it’s the perfect time to head down and take a look. For more information, visit Muji to Go’s website here.