Last-Minute Boozy Finds You Can Gift For Father’s Day

During festive celebrations, we are all too familiar with the planning of events and the last-minute gifting conundrum. If the latter definitely rings true, we get it. Since we’ve long exhausted cutesy but cheesy ideas, it’s time to consider a more grown-up list for those craving a bit more of a kick.

To serve as your glimmer of hope, we rounded up a few booze-themed finds that might just come in time for Father’s Day. From the rum-soaked raisins and light coffee marble glaze cake to the 69 ice cold calorie beer, these are the offerings setting our radars pinging.

Get to it and drink responsibly.

For the dad that likes to throw house parties…


If your dad enjoys attending the occasional housewarming party, chances are he’s always down for a mini celebration or two. Our suggestion: surprise him with Starker’s party keg — the barrel of beer that comes in either lager, aromatic, lychee, ale, Dunkel and charcoal. We’re all for it.

item: PARTY KEG, $148

For the dad that enjoys sparkling rosé… 


Picture your dad kicking back and relaxing on a quiet night in… what’s missing? A refreshing sparkling rosé cider in hand. Boasting a juicy red berry flavour, this semi-sweet apple rose cider by Somersby means serious business. The emergency beverage to reach for when your gifting priorities have taken a wrong turn, pretty much.

WEBSITE: facebook.comSomersbysg

For the dad that has a sweet tooth…


No celebration is truly complete without a cake. In short: alcoholic desserts by Edith Patisserie that are veritable catnip to us boozy folks. If dear ol’ dad is open to food experimentation, reach for the Kirsh-soaked black forest cake with cherries and dark chocolate drizzle. Be still, our beating hearts.


For the dad trying to watch their figure…

alcoholic gifts father's day

Indeed, it’s a beverage suited for lightweights. Heineken’s 0.0 boasts a non-alcoholic lager with only 69 calories per bottle! While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a dad bod, those looking to cut down can still enjoy this! Expect no-nonsense, tasty beer. Really.

item: Heineken 00, $55.60

For the old fashioned dad…

alcoholic gifts

Nothing says coming of age than pulling a switcheroo on your dad and buying him a smooth bottle of booze — so start with this Exsto Elixir.  Cognac connoisseur or not, this drink is ideal for toasting a big celebration (i.e. your dad). Delivering a blend of caramel, pineapple, butter and vanilla, the palette promises a memorable, fruity profile.

item: exsto elixir, $688