BURGER KING® Takes On Local Flavours With The Rendang And Laksa Burgers

No matter how patriotic you are, there’s one thing all Singaporeans agree on — our food is BOMB. When it comes to local food, there’s no way we’d turn down a hearty bowl of laksa or a steaming serving of rendang. Now picture this: two of these beloved dishes in burger form? We’re drooling already.

Hitting our shores on July 16th, BURGER KING®’s Laksa Burger will be making its debut, presented in two scrumptious burgers — the Laksa Double Beef burger and the Laksa Tendercrisp® Chicken burger.

Laksa Double Beef Burger


The Laksa Double Beef burger comes with two 100% beef patties, drenched in Laksa sauce cooked with dried shrimp for that authentic Laksa taste. Topped with sliced hard-boiled eggs and refreshing cucumbers, in between a fluffy sesame seed bun…we can barely contain our excitement.

Laksa Tendercrisp® Chicken Burger


If beef isn’t your thing, chicken lovers can enjoy the delicious Laksa Tendercrisp® Chicken burger. With a crispy Tendercrisp® Chicken patty, along with hearty Laksa sauce, hard-boiled eggs and crisp cucumber slices, this is a combination we’ve been waiting for.


Rendang Beef Burger


Joining the new arrival is an old favourite, the Rendang burger! Making its long-awaited annual comeback, this is one burger that’ll really make you go “DANG!” Like its laksa counterpart, the Rendang Beef burger is made up of two juicy 100% beef patties, smothered with a generous serving of aromatic Rendang sauce and fresh, crunchy onions. Enveloped by a sesame seed bun, and so, SO delicious, we wonder why it isn’t available year-round.


Rendang Tendergrill® Chicken Burger


For those who prefer chicken, prepare to sink your teeth into the Rendang Tendergrill® Chicken burger. Made up of a perfectly grilled Tendergrill® Chicken patty, along with a huge dollop of Rendang sauce and chopped onions, all between a sesame seed bun, how can anybody resist?!

These local flavours are definitely worth looking out for, so mark your calendars for July 16th and get a bite of these burgers while they’re still available!


The BURGER KING® Laksa or Rendang burgers, $6.50 each, and fro $7.90 for a value meal. For more information, visit burgerking.com.sg