Here Is The Very Instagrammable Collaboration From Lancôme x Chiara Ferragni

Instagram influencers have come a long way since it became a career in the early 2010s, and it’s indisputable how large their influence truly is. Chiara Ferragni walked so all other Instagram Influencers could run. In other words, she is one of the O.G. influencers, with more than 16 million Instagram followers and a highly coveted fantasy wedding, a true global icon, as well as Lancôme’s Global Muse. As their Global Muse, she has collaborated with the brand for her first-ever makeup collaboration, Sell Out Ambition. 



The collection comprises of Mademoiselle Chiara ‘Flirting Palette’, a lip and face palette, L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine, hydrating lipsticks in 3 shades and L’Absolu Lacquer, also in 3 shades. One of the highlights of the collection is that it allows for the creation of looks for any occasion. Chiara believes in makeup providing a boost of confidence to take on the challenges of the day whether it’s a business meeting, being a mother, or attending a party.  


Mademoiselle Chiara Flirting Palette, $120
Mademoiselle Chiara Flirting Palette, $120
Mademoiselle Shine, $47 

“I wanted to create a makeup collection that is 100 per cent my style. This is the reason why I joined forces with Lancôme. We worked on a product and communication that is relevant for the girls of my generation. Flirty, inspiring and fun are the three key words of this empowering project. I deeply believe that makeup is a huge weapon to feel better about yourself, to face your everyday challenges and to achieve your goals with fierce.” — Chiara Ferragni

Mademoiselle Chiara Flirting Palette, $120

The lip and face palette contains 4 shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows each, 3 highlighter shades, 1 blush shade and a bonus lipgloss pan to create an everyday look or statement-making look. Not to mention, the packing is so glamorous! It’s a sparkly pink casing with the signature winky eye logo of Chiara’s fashion brand. Definitely Instagrammable! The best part is that the palette comes with a dual-ended eyeshadow brush, a lip brush and a blush brush! Now, you don’t have to carry some dirty brushes in your bag anymore. 


Mademoiselle Shine, $47 — in 3 shades: N°0605 Independent Woman / N°1903 Kinda Flirty / N°0705 Positive Attitude

The L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine lipsticks come in 3 vibrant shades in a hydrating formula. They are perfect for on the go as they promise an easy application even without a mirror.


L’Absolu Lacquer, $49 — in 3 shades: N°1987 Girl Next Door / N°2017 Power Talk / N°2018 Sweet Mom

On the other hand, the 3 shades of L’Absolu Lacquer liquid lipsticks are each named after a significant year in Chiara’s life and provide a high-shine finish in a lightweight formula. 


Lancôme x Chiara Ferragni Collection, available online at Sephora from 18 July 2019.