Wearing The LG Pra.L LED Face Mask For The Sake Of Younger Skin — Good Or Bad Idea?

With the sheer number of beautifying products rising to fame (or demise) on social media, it can feel as though we’re living in a golden age of shaming anyone women whose face shows the signs of getting older. We mean, many beauty companies often deny the existence of fine lines and sagging skin entirely… let’s not kid ourselves.

We could go on and on about the things that make ridiculous beauty products, well, ridiculous, but a new facial device has turned up on our radar and we got a behind the scenes look on its promises of youthful skin.

Behold… the LG Pra.L Derma LED Face Mask.

LG Pra.L Derma LED Face Mask ($1,349)

Hands up if you’ve tried just about every firming serum or brightening toner, promising to lift your skin and bring out a radiant complexion for good? The truth is, as much as we pray for a miracle product that instantly vanishes the signs of our ageing skin, this task is way out of the league of what a typical anti-ageing skincare product could perform.

That’s not to say that companies will stop trying to prove that difficult feat, though. While we were in Seoul, Korea for an early launch of LG’s Pra.L Derma LED Face Mask, we got to try the product and understand the technology behind it. The mask is said to brighten, rejuvenate, reduce pore size and pigmentation, improve elasticity and firm skin like no other with 9 minutes of use every day, thanks to its 160 red and IR LED optimally placed lights. Big claims.

Here’s how it works:

lg led face mask
FDA Cleared Derma LED Mask

Once putting on the mask, the handheld device serves as your voice guide and timer. It reminds you how much time is left at 3-minute intervals. The LG brand recommends not putting any skincare products while using the mask as well as a maximum use of once a day.


lg led face mask
160 LED lights

As the years go by, your skin slows down on collagen production and moisture retention. The LED lights and their wavelengths penetrate deep into the subdermal skin later to encourage cell regeneration for firm, radiant skin.


lg led face mask
Eye shield design

As shown above, the LED lights avoid the eye are. For further protection against the LED light glare, there are built-in safety googles made from biologically safe silicon. Add to that? The LED lights automatically turn off when the mask is not worn properly or falls off. We can attest to this function as we saw the automated sensor react (turn off) once the mask was removed.

What makes Pra.L LED mask unique in the LED mask market?

There are two types of people in the world of beauty: people who spend $1,000 on a single skincare product and people who… don’t. So what sets this $1,349 LED mask apart from its half-priced and more affordable counterparts?

These include and are not limited to: extra precaution with protective goggles (remember, they are also FDA cleared), a travel-friendly size that weighs just 240g, its runtime of 7 days of use on a single charge, and their LED technology that stimulates fibroblasts to boost collagen and elastin production. Having launched earlier in Korea, users have claimed they’ve experienced a brightened complexion and more even skin tone with over 6 weeks of use.

You are essentially paying for the safety efficacy and LG’s reliability in technology that went into developing this facial device… a supposedly perfect calibration that warrants a seamless beauty experience. Hey, reputation is important, right?

Pra.L Derma LED Face Mask customers

Before slamming down some seriously good food in Myeong-dong, we handed the microphone to the LG team to answer our burning questions… why venture into the beauty industry, the mask’s effectiveness, and why we should include this product in our quest for beauty.

What was it about the world of beauty that prompted LG to leap into this category?
We truly wanted to give more innovative value to the beauty industry. It was an expansion of our current LED technology, most definitely — based on our previous product experiences, we knew that we had the mechanics to make this face mask possible.

It sounds like the confidence stems from LG’s background in OLED technology and displays.
We are experts in that field — from washing machines, speakers to televisions and more. We think that, increasingly, we felt more confident that we had the background strength to enter the beauty market. 

But the prevailing beauty tech scene is already so vast.
We [LG] feel as if we have a responsibility; especially with a strong grasp of technology under our belt; if there is a need by a consumer we can fulfil, we have to answer that need. 

Let’s talk about the Pra.L LED mask. It is a premium product with a very premium price. Why should we buy it over other affordable options?
Compared to other beauty tech devices, we are the only LED mask in Korea that is FDA cleared. We placed great importance on safety it was our top priority for this product. Through our extensive research and quality, we believe our consumers will be comfortable with the price point. It is also very easy to use; simply 9 minutes a day like a spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

How was the time limit of 9 minutes a day decided? Why not 10 or 15 minutes?
Since 2012, we have been testing this product using cultivated skin cells. We tested from 8 minutes up to 20 minutes, including a different range of LED lights. We believe we even tested up to 520 LED lights, but ultimately the best result led to what it is now for optimal skin rejuvenation.

Is the Pra.L a sneak peek into the cool, beauty inventions and displays in LG’s future?
Top secret.

*Responses by Mr. J.S LEE (HE Marketing Communication Division Vice President) and Mr. Calvin Cho (HE Asia Sales & Marketing Division Vice President) and R&D Engineer, Elysia Chang

My personal experience:

I braced myself for intense heat… and was surprised to discover that there was barely any. A very light warm sensation, if you will. Staying true to their claim of a spa-like experience, using the mask was comfortable and not tedious — and boy, did I almost fall asleep.

While I have my own reservations about LED masks (if Neutrogena’s recent recall on their light therapy acne mask for eye damage is any indication), I can’t say that I’m a convert to LG’s version… even though I definitely felt safer with their inner safety goggles. As for tackling skincare issues such as firming of the skin and refining the look of pores, only time will tell.

For those on-the-go, the leisure of having a home-based version of a luxury facial treatment is something I can see others buying into. A mini spa session in your hands, basically. While there were no signs of improvement after my session, the LG Pra.L team has stated that it takes over 1 month of continued use for more prominent results (read: brighter skin). Overall, the LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask is a cool beauty gadget to use and its promise of youth is enough to have me consider counting my coins, but at over $1k, it’s way too expensive.


The LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask retails for SGD $1,349 and is available at TANGS and online.

*The Pra.L Derma LED Mask is not suitable for use for pregnant women due to the high frequency of red LED lights. 


Written by Sinead Lee.

Photo credit: LG Singapore, LG Hong Kong, @CSHEE32, @GOOD.SH.C, @D_CHRIS76, @AMINAI81