The NYLON Team Shares Their Favourite Local Brands To Support This National Day

National Day is drawing to a close, and with it, yet another eventful lineup of things to do this month. We’ve divulged the food to eatthe drinks to indulge, and the fashion collabs to show your NDP spirit. This leaves us with one last matter to cross off our agenda: the local brands we love… and want to lend our support to.

From dainty jewellery brands that custom-make their pieces to homegrown beauty brands that have made their mark globally, here’s where our loyalty lies in the meantime.

Local Jewellery Brands



Why we love them:

“Some people think of jewellery as a luxury — and some of it is — but there are those like myself who see it as a kind of necessity. A fatal weakness for polished or custom jewellery, if you will.  From The Ordinary Co’s exquisite wide range, roman motifs like chariots, cherubs and queens — all the rage in 2019 — are etched onto necklaces and charm bracelets, while other contemporary and super wearable designs are similarly accented with a unique structure. What’s not to love?

And moving on to what feels like a shower of crystals and stardust, Crimson & Clover’s classic lineup (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings) are an ode to luxury and modernity; which I absolutely fawn over for its tactile beauty and delicate allure. The standout? Their custom pieces. Something as simple as initials can summon loving — and intensely personal — representations of the souls we love. Be still, my beating heart

Now if you’re running out of ways to wear quirky jewellery pieces, just turn to Lovely Strokes. Influenced by everyday abstracts, their handmade designs usually combine feminine prints with a playful aesthetic. For those that prefer more of that refined elegance, Khara’s feminine pieces are enhanced by a delicate touch. Local brands? I say aye.

— Sinead Lee, Writer

“What a steal! Thrifty Thieves channels 80s acetate and resin in their chunky earring styles, and I haven’t seen anything that’s beyond $20. They’re fun to spice up a drab outfit, especially on the weekends and on holiday.

— Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor

Local Fashion Brands



Why we love them:

“I’ve thought about this recently, and there are just so many local brands I’d love to talk about — so many have gained prominence in the recent years too, especially in fashion and beauty. If you’re still stumped, Design Orchard’s a good place to start.

I feel like my picks are for every fuss-free (read: lazy) girl out there who still likes a unique point of view. I’ve adored In Good Company for years, and along with Beyond The Vines, they both offer a minimalist aesthetic yet a mastery of flows and drapes as well, classics with a twist. It’s definitely the fabric choice too. Every time I’m in an IGC dress, I feel comfortable, like I can lounge around all day, but also stylish enough for any event.

Elsewhere in fuss-free genius, Maeso, a recent discovery for the most comfortable leather loafers. Lastly, if you’re looking for a brand that just gets millennial dressing — with a social consciousness to boot — it’s hard to beat MATTER’s mix of functionality, style, and those gorgeous prints, created in collaboration with textile artisans across the world. 

— Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor

Local Beauty Brands



Why we love them:

“I was only recently introduced to RE:ERTH late last year when I first received their products on my desk. It didn’t take much convincing for me to start liking the brand, especially when I tried their coveted Clarifying Cleanser. It gives a really good and thorough cleanse — which includes removing light makeup and impurities — without stripping away the natural oils on my skin. Sifting through all of the cleansers I’ve come across so far, this homegrown skincare brand has definitely made it to one of my top must-haves in my list.

Otherwise known as one of the few well-known bespoke beauty brands in Singapore, Skin Inc’s expansive range of products is definitely one that’s worth considering. What I liked most about Skin Inc is, hands down, their Skin Supplement Bar. I got to customise my very own My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum Cocktail — where I got to choose from an assortment of serums and create one that’s tailored to my skin’s needs — which I thought was very unique in comparison to the other brands out there. After a few uses, I could tell that it improved my complexion and my skin felt more soft and supple to the touch. For a local beauty brand, I’d give two thumbs up for this one.

— Shazrina, Writer

“I hate doing my nails, but who doesn’t like pretty nails to look at right? When Nodspark’s founder Eugenia Yeo came by our office to talk about these nail wraps though, I was taken. You don’t need me to tell you how fuss-free nail wraps are — but okay, no drying time, no weird snags when you’re impatient, no chips after a day or two — but these look like actual polish when done, and come in cute designs (even sheer ones!) that’ll definitely take ages to do. I also do like a good deal, so 13rushes, which has great options for cruelty-free makeup brushes

— Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor

Local Lifestyle and Food Brands

TIGERBEER, razer, klay, REal food, MAKISAN


Why we love them:

TIGER BEER is a beer that’s light and easy to drink, has a pleasant, balanced flavour, and is very consistent in quality. I’m honestly not being biased because it’s a Singapore brand, but I think it’s truly one of the best beers in the world.

— Adele Chan, Editor-in-Chief

“From gaming mice and keyboards to toasters and now cars, how can you not be proud of how far Singaporean Tan Min Liang has taken his company Razer? Made the world’s first gaming mouse? Check. RGB all their products? Check. Razer Cup Noodles… Check? Hopefully.

— Nick Oh, Writer

“I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but I love going to Real Food. I’ve only been to their Orchard Central outlet but every time I go there I spend a few hours, either chatting with friends over food or reading by myself in a corner. With a decent-sized menu, there’s plenty for people to choose from. Some of their options are pretty hearty as well! Might also be a good place to get your kids to love veggies!

— Natalie, Editorial Intern

“I love sushi and I’m also quite the sucker for customisation — I enjoy choosing my own sushi ingredients (they have a good variety to choose from) and exchanging a piece with my friends to taste their own unique versions is part of the fun too! Maki-San’s sets are quite filling and at a reasonable price too, which made it one of the go-to places for after-school lunches with my friends during my schooling days.

— Germaine, Editorial Intern

Klay is a great brand to support and show our Singaporean pride with pieces of jewellery and accessories in the design of our local foods and icons. They add a quirky element to any outfit and are great, affordable addition to any jewellery collection seeing as how they’re handmade and unlikely to be found anywhere else.

— Tiana, Editorial Intern

Written by Sinead Lee.

Photo courtesy of local brands: @theordinaryco,,, @re.erth, @lovelystrokes, @rollwithmakisan, @13RUSHES, @IGCASIA, @BEYONDTHEVINES, @MATTERPRINTS, @MAESO.CO, @Grabfoodsg, @Izadnhana