Do Date Night Right At These Best Hotpot Restaurants

Hotpot restaurants are a dime a dozen, but everything from premium meat selections, the interior decor and nourishing comfort broths separate the wheat from the chaff. From Chinese-style to Korean homemade specialties, you can expect side dishes such as Japanese flying squid to Kimchi soup bases.

Certain hotpot restaurants also emerge as the top date night picks for these lovers; in appreciation, we’ve put the spotlight on their favourite outlets of taste below.


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With every visit to Suki-Ya, order strategically, just so you can savour their rich broths. Their tonyu miso and butaniku broths have stood the test of time amongst their customer fan base, through their nourishing combinations and ideal pairings with sliced beef and pork.

“We absolutely love their signature 1-for-1 Shabu-shabu dish as well as their range of soups. My boyfriend and I frequent the outlet at Tampines almost every three weeks. It is a nice place to spend a quality meal with your partner while finishing off with a wide selection of meat and vegetables. I recommend the miso broth!” Sarah, 24

address: multiple outlets islandwide
website: SUKI-YA.COM.SG

Shang Pin Hot Pot

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Full of savoury, sweet, and sour notes, the mala hotpot at Shang Pin’s menu is blessed with a piquant blend of spices along with a side serving of crispy mantou. The place prides themselves on providing nutritional dishes along with VIP rooms for special date nights or reunions. Fun fact: their servers do a special dance with their handmade noodles! We’re serious.

“This hotpot restaurant usually has quite a few promotions here and there. Sometimes I meet my boyfriend for lunch as they can have discounts up to 25% off! For those more romantic date nights, we do splurge a bit and order the premium meats and tiger prawn balls.” Marie, 20

address: Marina Square, #02-102, Singapore 039594

Beauty In The Pot

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At this point, Beauty In The Pot’s reputation surely precedes them in July they opened yet another outlet at Star Vista. They also give us the opportunity to enjoy their sumptuous menu in their comfortable, well-lavished interiors. Serving up hearty beauty collagen broth, fried beancurd skin to homemade fish tofu,  you’ll definitely have a moreish bite from this famed hotpot eatery.

“I find that I’m usually the one that drags my girlfriend out for date night because I always find an excuse to go and eat at Beauty In The Pot. Their soup bases (I usually order the tomato and collagen) are the star for me followed by their handmade meatballs.” William, 25


Long Qing

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Nothing sounds more comforting than visiting a hotpot joint particularly when it’s one that offers lightly crisp sweet potato skin with orh nee filling and a curated list of herbal broths that complement them. Long Qing is one such place that nails the intimate space and healthy, light options that make for a cosy dinner. Full contentment, we know her.

“My girlfriend and her family brought me here once and I always go back with them. I am sort of a health freak so I prefer clean eating. This hotpot restaurant actually makes soup bases without MSG. That’s the pull for me.” Eric, 28

address: multiple outlets islandwide

Shi Li Fang

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No matter the hotpot side dishes you’re in the mood for, Shi Li Fang takes the phrase “wallet-friendly foods” to the literal with their affordable set meals. They offer over 20 dipping sauces; as well as boasting a plethora of light soup bases, such as their beauty collagen chicken and speciality mala soup. Seat for two, please.

“To be really honest, this place isn’t the fanciest as compared to those outlets like Beauty In The Pot. But my wife deems it the perfect date night spot for us. We go to the one in Bedok as I find the staff friendlier and place cleanlier. My first date with my wife was actually eating hotpot and it brings back good memories whenever we dine here.” Keith, 31

address: multiple outlets islandwide