Why You Should Care About UNIQLO’s Newest UT Collab With VERDY

If streetwear’s your thing, you’ve probably heard of UNIQLO’s much-hyped about collection with contemporary artist KAWS — basically, anything that he touches inevitably translates to high reverence, and the long queues that follow in order to snap up a bit of his legacy.

This time though, we’d like to draw your attention to another streetwear designer that’s just as much an icon — VERDY.

His name may not be as familiar to the regular consumer, but even if you’re not a streetwear or art aficionado, you might have seen some of his illustration work before. He is a well-known name in the US and Japan though, so if you’re looking to earn some fashion street cred, you’re at the right place — especially with the new arrival of UNIQLO’s RISE AGAIN BY VERDY UT collection, designed in collaboration with VERDY himself.

Verdy, via Hypebeast

The famed graphic designer from Japan is known for spreading uplifting messages in his inspired-by-street-art designs. After all, his most well-known “Girls Don’t Cry” project was a thoughtful reminder for his wife to keep her head up and smile. Since then, he’s had collaborations with G-SHOCK, Nike, Undercover, Vogue and Human Made just to name a few. Heck, he’s even got celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Halsey wearing his designs. Check out some of his works below.


via Verdy

It’s obvious his designs have street influence, but not only that, he loves to include simple messages that resonate with the people. He hopes they’ll inspire future generations to do whatever it takes to fulfil their dreams, just like he did. Despite being told he wouldn’t make it when he was venturing out as an artist nine years ago, he found a reason not to quit.

And quit he did not. Since the launch of his “Girls Don’t Cry” label in 2017, it’s become a highly coveted brand that’s proved difficult to get your hands on outside of Japan. His shirts and sweaters sell anything upwards from $200 and sometimes even more on platforms like Grailed.

But international fans of his designs can finally breathe a sigh of relief. NIGO (founder of BAPE and Human Made), ex-UT Creative Director and friend of VERDY reached out and just like that, the RISE AGAIN BY VERDY UT Collection was born.

Women’s Sweat Dress, $49.90 via Uniqlo

VERDY’s latest collab with UNIQLO features the “Rise Again” theme, where he draws inspiration from everyday life. The positive vibes in the collection incorporate messages that speak to him in his everyday life. With it, he hopes to bring sugar, spice and everything nice to the world through his graphics and design.

After all, most of VERDY’s original designs can cost hundreds of dollars, but UNIQLO, through collaborations with revered artists, hopes to bridge that gap and make their craft more accessible, for more people to enjoy. Consider the collection quite the steal then!



Women’s Sweat Hoodie, $39.90 via UNIQLO

You’ll find comfortable tees, long dresses, hoodies and even tote bags with positive slogans like “Where Dreamers Become Doers” emblazoned on it with his characteristic typeface. You can also find his iconic rabbit mascot on various other pieces. Now couples and the whole family can coordinate their VERDY collection and spread nothing but positivity wherever they go!

Cop or drop? When there’s positivity and empowerment involved, definitely cop!

RISE AGAIN BY VERDY UT Collection drops today at all UNIQLO outlets and UNIQLO.com