The Re-Invention of Baby-G for the Working Female Millennial

Baby-G watches have often been known for their iconic retro style that was all the rage since it made its debut in 1994. Designed to be the feminine counterpart of the G-SHOCK, the first Baby-G model DW-520 was introduced to the masses with pop colours that opened up opportunities for women to consider a digital watch as a fashion accessory. It was the first time that a watch didn’t just look cute but was actually functional too.

Baby-G re-launched the DW-520 for their 25th Anniversary. (Image credit: Baby-G)

Created with the same functionality that G-SHOCK is known for, the Baby-G became the must-have digital watch that was shock and water-resistant and equipped with multiple daily alarms as well as stopwatch functions. The Baby-G was also built with Casio’s proprietary solar charging system which converts not only sunlight but even light from weak light sources into power. However, as technology evolves, so has the functions of a Baby-G to accommodate a built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor and a smartphone mobile link.

That’s why, to keep up with the working female millennials of today, Baby-G has come up with a new range of designs that exudes elegance and style without entirely compromising its unique qualities.

MSG-S200G-1A in Black/Rose Gold, $259

The Baby-G MSG-S200 Collection is the first in the new G-MS line which was designed with the intention to reflect the characteristics of today’s modern woman. Unlike the classic OG Baby-G designs, the pieces in the collection feature a resin band that is paired with a stainless steel body and bezel.

The MSG-S200 comes with an analog-digital display alongside a stainless steel body and bezel with resin bands but does not have the iconic Baby-G branding on the front of the watch. Instead, it has a more refined exterior style with a smaller form factor that is 34.8mm in width length and has a relatively slim height of 12.3mm.

MSG-S200G-7A in White, $259

The sleek bezel is made out of forged stainless steel which gives it a denser and stronger structure that has a brushed and polished finish. Even the hour markers on the clockface are given a metallic look to add a finishing touch to the overall design. But not to worry, this does not mean any kind of added weight to the Baby-G. In fact, the watch comes up to a weight of 39 grams even with the addition of the resin bands.

Despite being a Baby-G model, each piece in the MSG-S200 collection features full shock resistance, which is similar to that provided for a G-SHOCK. Other features include Tough Solar power, 100-metre water resistance, NeoBrite luminous hands, world time, 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer, daily alarm, battery level indicator, and Super Illuminator LED light.

MSG-S200DG-4A in Rose Gold, $329

Unlike the bright, popping colours of the classic Baby-G, this series comes with several colour variations which include the MSG-S200G-4A in Beige/Rose Gold ($249) and MSG-S200G-5A in Black ($249). The series also features an all-round bracelet band design — MSG-S200DG-4A in Rose Gold ($329).




The Baby-G MSG-S200 watches range from $249 to $329, and are available at G-FACTORY stores.