Lonely Planet Launches Lonely Planet TV — Their First-Ever Travel-Only Television Platform

We’ve seen and heard of countries slowly easing back on their national lockdown measures and as Singapore moves towards a slow but progressing return to normalcy, it doesn’t mean a green light to return to business as usual. For most of us, it would mean an indefinite hold on traveling. 

Understanding this, travel media brand Lonely Planet has launched their first-ever travel-only television platform Lonely Planet TV alongside other useful resources to help us navigate our new normal while we await the day that we can safely take to the skies. From travel programmes to useful home guides, here’s a breakdown of what is available from Lonely Planet.


Lonely Planet TV features over 350 episodes of award-winning travel shows hosted by experienced Oscar-nominated travellers. (Image courtesy of Lonely Planet)

Through iconic programming, stunning cinematography and unique insights, Lonely Planet TV aims to transport you from your home to remarkable destinations across the world. The newly-launched streaming platform will feature every episode of the much-loved GlobeTrekker alongside Treks in a Wild World, Planet Food and over 350 episodes of award-winning travel shows hosted by experienced Oscar-nominated travellers. 

You can now access the full suite for FREE here until 1 June 2020. After which, you can opt to sign up for a membership which will include exclusive discounts on Lonely Planet guidebooks as well as unrestricted access to the Lonely Planet Guides app and Lonely Planet TV’s full offering.


Lonely Planet at Home is an e-book range that you can download for free. (Image courtesy of Lonely Planet)

In addition to the launch of their exciting new television platform, Lonely Planet has also released Lonely Planet at Home, a free PDF eBook range that is packed with tips and activities to help you navigate different aspects of life at home, namely Lonely Planet at Home: Kids, Lonely Planet at Home: Recipes and Lonely Planet at Home: Wellbeing.

📚 Lonely Planet at Home: Kids features fun and educational tasks and activities such as creating an origami fox to crafting a set of Guatemalan worry dolls to keep your little ones entertained while they take a break from home-based learning.

📚 Lonely Planet at Home: Recipes aims to bring you and your family a selection of recipes that can be followed using basic store ingredients that you may already have in your own kitchen. The recipes include a classic Tunisian Shakshouka which is a warmly spiced vegetarian dish of saucy tomatoes with peppers or onions and eggs, as well as the West African Jollof Rice — a one-pot rice dish typically made using Basmati rice and stewed with garlic, onions, tomatoes, and spicy chilli with chicken stock added for flavour.

📚 Lonely Planet at Home: Wellbeing compiles ideas and exercises such as yoga stretches for alleviating neck pain and pointers for stargazing, that can be useful to help get you through stressful times while you’re working from home.

The full range of free Lonely Planet at Home PDF eBooks are available for download here.


The Guides by Lonely Planet app is the handy travel companion that you’ll need when you safely resume travel. (Image courtesy of Lonely Planet)

The Guides by Lonely Planet app gets an update! The curated travel companion is best known for its ability to help enhance your experience while you’re traveling with its audio phrasebooks, offline maps, and the wide collection of city guides. The update sees the addition of new features including the ability to scan your physical guidebooks to access a particular city’s content and Magic FX augmented reality that automatically helps you to convert prices into different currencies with the use of your phone’s camera!

You can download the Guides by Lonely Planet app via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


For more information on the new launches, visit www.lonelyplanet.com.

Banner image courtesy of Lonely Planet.