Where To Get The Super Popular Boba Ice Cream & Other Hard To Find Food Products Online

Supermarkets have been struggling with maintaining stock of certain products — staples like cereal and biscuits have been sold out, and even snacks and alcohol have been running low. A lot of us have had to divert from our usual grocery list and settle with alternative products and brands, or stick to using whatever’s left in our pantries at home. If you’re bored of the same old thing, here are a few grocery items you wouldn’t normally get, but would be fun to try out!

Xiao Mei Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar

With the rise of the Taiwanese Brown Sugar Bubble Tea craze, similarly-themed food was sure to follow. Brown Sugar Boba candy, popcorn and even cake have been popping up left and right, but when these ice cream bars made their debut, boba fans all over were clamouring to get a taste. The ice cream variation is supposedly the next best thing to the drink itself — from the signature milk tea flavour to actual pearls, this is definitely a dessert all Brown Sugar Boba fans should try out.

Currently available at Shopee ($12.90 for a box of 4), Happy Ice ($12.90) and Lazada ($13.90).

Haidilao Self-Heating Hot Pot

If you’re counting down the days to your next hotpot gathering, you’re not alone. While D.I.Y. hotpot is definitely an option, there’s something about restaurant-quality broth that we can never really get with homemade stock. However, if you’re a fan of Haidilao, you’ve probably seen videos of their instant, Self-Heating Hot Pots — each set comes filled with everything you need for your own personal serving, no stove needed!

Tools included in every Haidilao Self-Heating Hot Pot Set

Included in each set is a packet that contains heating elements, which is meant to be placed in a water-filled outer container before the ingredient-filled inner container is placed within. Water activates the heating packet, and your food is ready to eat within just 15 minutes. While Tomato and Spicy soup stocks are available, along with Beef and Vegetarian ingredient options, the selection varies based on where you make your purchase. When we tried out the Tomato flavour Hot Pot, and we added in our own fresh beef and squid. Our Deputy Editor was able to get the Beef flavour via pandamart, but that also depends on your location.


The HAI DI LAO Self-Heating Tomato Hotpot!!!

We tried the Hai Di Lao Self-Heating Hotpot (Tomato soup base) and it was actually not bad! We bought ours on Carousell for $18, and last saw it at $23 (you can probably bargain a bit if you buy more packs). They are pretty generous with the ingredients; the vermicelli was very nice (hard to go wrong), the black fungus mushrooms, carrots and lotus root were not bad, but we found the beef a little tough. The tomato soup base was delicious and very addictive; just make sure to add water to the indicated level because too much and the soup will taste diluted. To be honest, we're also a bit wary heating things in plastic…especially this kind of soft, low grade plastic. Great for camping or for astronauts though! Who else has tried this?

Posted by Nylon Singapore on Sunday, 6 May 2018

Currently available at EzBuy ($12.80 for 2) and Shopee ($17.20 for 2).

Samyang Hot Chicken Noodle Sauce

Brought to you by Samyang, the brand behind the insanely spicy Hot Chicken Noodle Ramen, we’re not kidding when we say these sauces pack a punch. If you’re a fan of spice, these hot sauces are on a completely new level. Available in three flavours, Original, Extremely Spicy and Carbonara, a few drops of these will intensify any meal.

Currently available at Shopee ($5.99 per bottle), Shine Korea ($8.30 per bottle) and Qoo10 ($26.90 for 2).


New Zealand Kettle Korn

Microwaveable popcorn seems to be sold out all over the island — or at least at various supermarkets in West and Central Singapore. Most supermarkets I went to had completely empty shelves, and only a few were left with bags of plain kernels. I chanced upon New Zealand Kettle Korn and decided to give it a chance, and I quickly went back for more. A perfect blend of sweet and salty, it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve been snacking on. Created with four all-natural ingredients, it’s tasty enough to satisfy any snack cravings and light enough to be guilt-free.

Currently available at Cold Storage ($4.15).

Eureka Popcorn

If you’re looking for more variety, Eureka Popcorn is also available online. With flavours such as Caramel, Sour Cream & Onion, Salted Egg and Dark Chocolate, Eureka has a range of serving sizes available, from mini 35g Baby Cans ($2.80), 90g Popcorn Cans ($6) to 140g Aluminium Packs ($8.56) perfect for sharing.

Currently available at Shopee.

Garrett Popcorn

For popcorn lovers who prefer stronger flavours, Garrett Popcorn Singapore is also available on Foodpanda, and they’re offering free delivery for all WhatsApp orders! Their signature flavours are all available, including their savoury Cheesecorn, sweet Caramelcrisp and Chicago Mix, the best of both worlds!

Minimum order of $20 required, with payment via PayNow. WhatsApp 9395 2157 at least one day in advance to place your order. For more information, visit their Instagram.

Tom’s Farm Seasoned Almonds

While you’ve probably tried the famous Korean Honey Butter Almonds, there’s actually a huge range of flavours you might not have heard of! On top of more common flavours like Mint Choco, Tteokbokki and Green Tea, the almond snack is also available in more unique variations, including Honey Citron, Toffeenut Latte and even Black Sugar Milk Tea!

Currently available Shopee (from $7.77 for 200g), Shine Korea (from $8.10 for 200g) and Lazada (from $1.90 for 30g).

The Chita Suntory Whisky

We get it — it’s been a stressful period, and a drink never fails to soothe the soul. Many of us rely on our travel plans to stock up on liquor, but obviously it would be difficult to make a duty-free stop at the airport right now. By some miracle, however, we’ve found a listing for The Chita Whisky at a cost lower than we’ve ever seen. We were skeptical at first, but based on the numerous reviews, everything seems to be pretty legit — the Shopee Guarantee also ensures you get what you pay for, or you’ll get your money back!

Currently available at Shopee ($71.90).