7 Stores That Deliver Durian To Your Doorstep This Durian Season

Just like most controversial foods, the durian is one that requires an acquired taste. Some obsess about it, while others detest it. But for the few who love indulging in them, then you’re in luck because it’s durian season and what better way to usher in the era of durians galore than to have some delivered to your doorstep.

As with many food stores, durian stalls are now offering a delivery option so you won’t have to go through the hassle of travelling at odd times to get your durian fix. Why leave the house when you can dig in to this sinful treat from the comfort of your home?

And so to get your durian fix, ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the durian stores that deliver durian to your doorstep.


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Durian Delivery has just announced that their largest batch of durians have arrived from their private plantation in Tiger Hill, Pahang. Essentially, you can look forward to the lowest durian prices of the season! Durian Delivery will also be offering a variety of durians for you to choose from — including their Pahang Signature Black Gold, Pahang Old Tree MSW, Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn and the rare Golden Phoenix. These fresh durians are also delivered within 6 to 12 hours after they’re plucked and and also come de-husked to retain their freshness.

DELIVERY: Same Day Delivery – $9.70 per location;
Express Delivery – $13.70 per location;
Free Delivery – Above $100
OPENING HOURS: 10am to 2am
Mao Shan Wang – $76 (800g)
Jinfeng – $76 (800g)
Red Prawn – $46 (800g) 


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Importing fresh durians from Fook Gor Durian Farm located in Raub district, West Pahang, 99 Old Trees Durian is known to offer high quality durians at competitive prices to customers. Here, you’ll find your favourite Mao Shan Wang, S17, D13, and Golden Phoenix D198 delivered fresh to your doorstep for your own durian party! On top of that, they also offer durian pulp that can be made into your favourite pastries including durian puffs!

As it is only the start of the season, they only have limited stock, so we’d recommend for you to order yours ASAP before it runs out!

DELIVERY: same day delivery – $4.90 (before 3pm)
OPENING HOURS: 12pm to 10pm
Mao Shan Wang – $57 (750g)
S17 – $40 (750g)
D13 – $35 (750g)
Golden Phoenix D198 – $52 (750g)


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Harvested and delivered fresh from Malaysia, Durian Hill offers some of the finest durians, otherwise known as Musang King or Mao Shan Wang, to your home. These durians come with smooth, buttery and golden yellow flesh that has a bittersweet taste and rich creamy texture — it melts in your mouth with every bite and will send your taste buds to heaven.

However, delivery is limited to every 2 to 3 days as there are restrictions for the delivery of Malaysian fresh fruits into Singapore, so you might have to give some allowance before it arrives.

Delivery: 2 to 3 days – $9.90
Website: shopee.sg/durianhill
Mao Shan Wang – $45.90 (500g)


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If you’ve chanced upon Jojodurian, you would have probably seen their enticing visuals that would’ve even caught the attention of non-durian lovers. But that’s not all, serving quality durians including crowd favourites such as Mao Shan Wang, D24, Red Prawn and their Wang Zhong Wang Durian, Jojodurian will also be offering an exclusive Father’s Day special that features their signature Mao Shan Wang Cake! The perfect treat for the occasion for the durian-loving dad!

Delivery: Islandwide delivery – $15;
Free delivery – above $120
website: www.jojo.sg
opening hours: 9am to 9pm
Mao Shan Wang – $79.80 (800g)
D24 – $59.90 (800g to 1kg)
Red Prawn – $63.80 (800g) 
Wang Zhong Wang Durian – $50.90 (800g) 


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Durian Kingdom Singapore is a home-based business that prides itself on their range of durians that feature fan favourites such as Mao Shan Wang and even rare Black Pearl variant. With a loyal following, the business has boomed, attracting durian lovers all over Singapore. To find out the prices of these durians, simply drop them a message on their Facebook page.

Delivery: Islandwide delivery – $5;
Free delivery – above 10kg
website: facebook.com/duriankingdom18
Opening Hours: N.A.
Mao Shan Wang – $23 (1kg)
Black pearl- $18 (1kg)


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These handpicked durians come from Durian Papi very own durian farm in Pahang, Malaysia. Find some of the creamiest and yellowest Musang Kings that taste sweet with a hint of bitterness — the right balance for the perfect Mao Shan Wang which are then vacuum sealed to retain its freshness and have a longer shelf life for up to 1 year unopened.

Delivery: Free delivery – 2 boxes or more
Website: www.durianpapi.sg
Opening Hours: N.A.
mao shan wang – $45 (400g) 


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Satisfy and indulge in your favourite durians by Kungfu Durian. With an extensive range of durian options to choose from — including Green Bamboo, Golden Phoenix, and Black Pearl — the store has also extended its options with other offerings such as MSW Puree, Kasup Ice Cream and more! It’s probably one of the few stores that offers such a diverse range, so we won’t be surprised if you’re spoilt for choice!

Delivery: islandwide delivery – $12;
Free delivery – above $78
Website: kungfudurian.sg
Opening Hours: 1pm to 10PM
Green Bamboo – $53 (800g) 
Golden Phoenix – $63 (800g)
Black Pearl – $53 (800G)
MSW Puree – $12.80 (150g)
Kasup Ice Cream – $42 (800g)