JustWatch: A Website That Lets You Search For Movies & Shows Across All Streaming Platforms

With so many streaming services in the market, it is hard to keep track of the content titles especially when there are so many available. Instead of having to use the search engine bar of every streaming service that you use, there’s an easier way to search for the content you desire with the results collated on one page.

Screenshot of JustWatch.

Enter JustWatch — a free streaming service search engine and recommendation site that helps you locate specific movies and series on their respective streaming platforms. Available for use as a website on any browser or as a smartphone app, JustWatch enables you to skim through different content libraries just by searching with a title you’ve had in mind. 

For Singapore audiences, JustWatch pulls the content libraries from the following streaming services:

📺 Netflix
📺 Amazon Prime Video
📺 CatchPlay
📺 Apple
📺 Google Play
📺 GuideDoc
📺 Netflix Kids
📺 AppleTV+

Apart from customised searches, you can also filter the titles based on its release year, genre, price, and age rating. This essentially means that you can browse across all the streaming services combined instead of having to go into the individual platforms separately to see what they have to offer. K-drama fans will be happy to note that the search engine covers Korean titles as well.

Screenshot of the landing page of Her Private Life on JustWatch.

To find out what is listed for each film or series, I did a search for the Korean drama Her Private Life, which brought me to its page, listing how many episodes are available and the streaming platform it uses.

I liked that they even added a streaming quality filter that helps to manage my expectations especially if I am hoping to see my K-drama in 4K quality.

Screenshot of the K-drama recommendations located at the bottom of the page listing for Her Private Life.

Similar to what most streaming sites like Netflix does for you, the bottom of the page also includes a recommendation for other similar titles that you would like — a nice touch for those who prefer having options before they finish a series.

In addition to giving you a quick glance at all kinds of content, JustWatch makes direct access easy by letting you watch the film or series immediately after searching. Upon clicking the Netflix icon located on the page for Her Private Life, I was quickly redirected to the landing page for the series on Netflix.

Screenshot of what I’ve saved on my JustWatch watchlist.

There’s a watchlist feature as well, for you to keep track of the titles you’re interested in watching. The good thing about it is that you don’t need an account to store the information as the website uses cookies in your browser to do that for you. 

Here’s what I’ve saved so far in my watchlist:

🍿 Central Park (Apple TV+)
🍿 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)
🍿 Defending Jacob (Apple TV+)
🍿 Mystic Pop-up Bar (Netflix)
🍿 Her Private Life (Netflix)

The best part about JustWatch is that it is entirely free and you don’t need to register for an account to use the website. It is simply a hassle-free way to effectively get through your binge-watch list. 😃


To start using JustWatch on the web, click here. Alternatively, you can download the app for iOS here and Android here.

Banner image courtesy of JustWatch.