5 Eye Makeup Looks To Try While Wearing A Mask

It’s going to be face mask season for a while, and whether you’re looking for cute storage cases, mask accessories to make them a little more comfy or even beauty products to maintain your makeup under your mask, there are always ways to spruce up this current necessity. If you’ve been feeling like your makeup skills are going to waste with half your face covered, here are a few eye makeup ideas to keep your look fresh, from a minimal cat-eye to graphic liner looks.

1. Keep It Simple

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If you like to keep your eye makeup minimal, but you still want to add some extra definition, you can’t go wrong with a classic cat-eye. For a more subtle wing, go with a gel eyeliner for a softer application. For a more dramatic wing, a liquid liner will help you achieve that perfect flick.

2. Add Some Colour

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When you’re wearing a mask, the first thing most people will see will be your eyes, so why not stray away from your usual nude shades and go with something more colourful? If you’re not used to brighter eye looks, try muted pink and coral palettes for a more subdued look, but experimentation can be fun too!

3. Go Bold

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If you’re used to brighter shadows, try out even bolder looks like multi-toned eye makeup or even adding small details to the corners of your eyes. Pair your eye makeup to suit your outfit, or even your mask — dress up your face like you would your regular wardrobe.

4. Get Graphic

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The graphic liner trend has been around for a while, and this is the perfect time to get into it. If you’re bored of your regular eye makeup or you’ve just really wanted to try out this look, the possibilities are endless. While unconventional, these are creative ways to add some extra flair to your makeup.

5. Add Some Glitter

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While many of us tend to gravitate towards matte nudes and the usual smokey eye, a little glitter never hurt anyone. For a simple but eye-catching look, adding some sparkle to the eyes is a great way to enhance your beauty routine, but with minimal effort.