Gentle Monster x Kris Wu is Hosting Giveaways to Launch The Collaboration’s Secretive Event

Gentle Monster is no stranger to star-studded collaborations, with Tilda Swinton in the not so distant past and Jennie Kim just earlier this year. But it’s their latest collaboration with Kris Wu for an eyewear collection dubbed “GENTLE WU” that’s been making waves as of late.

As expected of this high-concept, experiential South Korean eyewear label, the GENTLE WU collection sports an overall science fiction-esque aesthetic that brilliantly threads the fine line separating style and glamour from costume.

Above: GW 004 C1 SUNGLASSES ($381).

Above: GW 001 02(BK) Sunglasses ($495).

With four varied styles to choose from, those who prefer a versatile pair of eyewear can check out the GW 004 01 in ombré pink. On the other hand, those who prefer going big and bold with style will want to get their hands on the GW 001 02(BK), that features wraparound lenses that blocks out the entire panel of the face.

Above: GW 002 03 sunglasses ($467).

Above: GW 003 NG1 sunglasses ($395).

To celebrate the GENTLE WU collaboration, Gentle Monster has also announced an event to be held in Shanghai called “THE ROLLER SPACE PROJECT”. Though the details of what exactly that entails remains hush-hush at press time, you’ll be interested to know that there will be a series of giveaways featuring exclusive not-for-sale items to be won as part of the countdown to the event’s launch sometime in mid-July.

Above: The four exclusive giveaway items for THE ROLLER PROJECT space event to be won.

This includes a specially-designed body harness, a pair of gloves (with a GENTLE WU ring), and two pairs of eyewear from the collection. To stand a chance to win, you’ll just have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Share any post from Gentle Monster’s Instagram related to the GENTLE WU campaign on your feed.
  2. Tag Gentle Monster’s Instagram in that post along with the hashtag #GENTLEWU.
  3. The first person that successfully follows the steps above at the scheduled launch date and time for the contests will win one of the prizes for the giveaway.

The contest opens on specific dates for each item. Refer to the table below.

Date & TimePrize
3 July 2020, 10am GW 004 NG1 Yellow Sunglasses
7 July 2020, 10amGW-VV GLOVES with GENTLE WU Ring
10 July 2020, 10amGENTLE WU VIP PACKAGE - Body Harness

Good Luck!


The Gentle monster x kris wu Gentle Wu collection is now available in-stores.
Find out more about the Gentle Wu exclusive event — the roller space project — here.