Review: Does The Under Armour Sportsmask Really Work?

No surprises here, but the highly raved Under Armour sportsmasks were all snapped up on the day of the launch itself on July 24th. Designed specifically for athletes who struggle with exercising with a mask on, this coveted mask has been said to provide comfort and breathability while keeping you and the other around you safe from Covid-19. And while most of us still prefer going without our masks when engaging in strenuous activities, prioritising our safety, as well as those around us is still vital especially during this period of uncertainty.

But this begs the question: for what it’s worth, does the Under Armour Sportsmask really work?

What Is It?

If you’re not well-versed with what it has to offer, here’s a rundown of some of the features that the sportsmask has to offer:

— Reusable and water-resistant performance: allows athletes to train without risking hypoxia
— Reduces the spread of respiratory droplets by the wearer: keeps you and the others around you safe while training in public
— Moldable nose-bridge: secures the sportsmask in place while allowing enhanced airflow — which also prevents glasses from fogging.
— Wicks sweat away: moisture and sweat formed by the wearer also remain difficult to pass through.
— Four different sizes: comes in SM/MD, MD/LG, LG/XL, XL/XXL

With a price tag of $33 — one that’s higher in comparison to your regular masks made of cotton or even those disposable ones — you’d wonder if the mask actually is worth the splurge, and of course, we have the answer for that after putting it to the test.

Tried-And-Tested Review

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For someone who goes to the gym regularly, I was so excited when news broke about Under Armour releasing a face mask specifically designed for exercising. All those times of struggling to catch my breath after every set, with my regular mask on, was coming to an end. Oh, how I’ve longed to catch a deep breath without feeling like I’m being suffocated.

When it first arrived, I immediately took it out of the packaging, impatiently wanting to have a feel of what it was like. First impressions-wise, I was held back by how thick the material of the mask — the mask was padded, which was quite unusual for a face mask, and I was skeptical on whether that allowed proper airflow. Still, the fabric felt soft and seemed cooling, similar to a dri-fit material. Of course, this is just an initial assessment; I still couldn’t wait to try it while exercising.

Then came the real test. I tried the mask on my next few trips to the gym to find out if mask really did live up to its promise. In my opinion, the sportsmask was indeed impressive. At first, it may feel uncomfortable but it didn’t take much time getting used to the feel of it. The material is soft and cushiony and not to mention, there was a lot of room for me to breathe in. I didn’t find myself gasping for air like I usually would. One other impressive feature I appreciated was how it was able to dry and wick away sweat quickly — I didn’t have to worry about soaking up a storm. I was mainly engaging in lifting weights as well as a bit of cardio.

However, I have my gripes about the mask as well. When engaging in cardio or activities that will have your heart racing, it might still be uncomfortable because it may get in the way of your breathing — which might be conflicting for those who have trouble breathing while running or doing strenuous activities like HIIT. I would still prefer going without it while maintaining my social distancing while I’m out. Another factor that you have to take note of is to choose the right size for your sportsmask. If you choose a mask that’s too big or too small, it might get in the way of your exercise because you’ll find yourself constantly adjusting the mask. So I would recommend measuring the dimensions of your face before getting yours just to ensure that you choose a comfortable fit.

Overall, I would say that the mask is worth the splurge if you’re one who engages in light exercises or even weightlifting. It really provides a lot of room for you to breathe in and at times it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing one.


The Under Armour Sportsmask ($33) is available on and in Under Armour stores at Funan, Orchard Central, Bugis Junction, Paragon, Changi Airport T1 and Takashimaya. Each customer is limited to 2 pieces of the sportsmask (online and in-store). For more updates, visit or Under Armour SEA on Facebook.