Huawei Expands Audio Range with New Huawei FreeBuds Pro, FreeLace Pro and FreeBuds Studio

After launching their latest flagship Huawei Mate 40 smartphone, the Chinese tech giant is back with another exciting launch for their new range of wearable audio devices which includes the Huawei FreeLace Pro neckband earphones, the true wireless stereo Huawei FreeBuds Pro earbuds, and the wireless Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones.

The three new audio devices not only offers a unique design with user-centric features but are also equipped to deliver an intelligent dynamic noise cancellation experience that will allow you to optimise your audio quality based on the environment setting, cutting noise levels of up to 40dB.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from the new Huawei audio devices that will be released from 11 November 2020.


Huawei FreeLace Pro, $148. (Image courtesy of Huawei)

Designed for better user comfort and stability, the Huawei FreeLace Pro ($148) is a pair of lightweight neckband earphones that features ergonomic tri-hold structure tips that provides you with a good fit when worn. Its silicone form also makes it easy to fold and restore to its original shape, further enhancing its ability to provide comfort when you wear it during your regular commute or when you are exercising.

Building on the previous generation, the FreeLace Pro includes a new ANC feature that reduces external noise by a maximum of 40dB and has also made improvements to sound quality with a large 14mm dynamic driver unit that allows you to enjoy a more powerful, detailed sound.

The Huawei FreeLace Pro boasts an impressive 24-hour battery life on a single charge. (Image courtesy of Huawei)

Toggling between pausing your music and taking your earbuds out to talk to others will become a thing of the past with the FreeLace Pro’s Awareness Mode, which lets natural ambient sounds flow through to help you stay alert of changes in your surroundings.

To top it off, the Huawei FreeLace Pro also boasts an impressive battery life, offering up to 24 hours of music playback on a single full charge. You can enjoy fast charging capabilities too, using any PC, tablet or smartphone with a USB-C port to fast charge your earphones in 5 minutes to get up to 5 hours of music playback.


Huawei FreeBuds Pro, $238. (Image courtesy of Huawei)

Said to represent the pinnacle of Huawei’s high-end audio capabilities, the Huawei FreeBuds Pro ($238) is designed to offer comfort over long wear periods for busy individuals who are constantly on-the-go. The breathable design balances air pressure on the ears and uses its windproof structure and fluid mechanical design to mitigate wind noise interference for an uninterrupted audio experience.

The sleek and stylish FreeBuds Pro is equipped with dynamic EQ adjustment for user-specific sound optimisation and is also able to conduct precise real-time noise reduction, especially when you are met with sudden noise spikes during your commute.

Representing the pinnacle of Huawei’s high-quality audio capabilities, the Huawei FreeBuds Pro is built to deliver the best noise-cancelling performance yet. (Image courtesy of Huawei)

The dual microphones positioned inside and outside the earbuds helps the FreeBuds Pro to intelligently sense the environment and automatically switch between three noise cancellation modes — Ultra Mode, Cozy Mode and General Mode — to cut out the surrounding sounds and improve your noise-cancelling experience.

You can also experience the high-quality audio recording feature with the FreeBuds Pro which helps to enhance the sound quality in videos and livestreams recorded from your phone and through third party video or live-streaming apps.

Built with long-lasting battery life, you can expect your earbuds to provide you with up to 7 hours of music playback and 4.5 hours of music playback with active noise cancellation enabled. When used together with the charging case, the FreeBuds Pro is able to last up to 20 hours (with ANC enabled) and 30 hours (with ANC disabled).


Huawei FreeBuds Studio, $398. (Image courtesy of Huawei)

As Huawei’s first over-ear headphones, the FreeBuds Studio ($398) aims to provide you with a variety of anti-noise cancellation features that not only help with blocking environmental noises but to also balance air pressure in the ear for a comfortable listening experience.

When it comes to hardware, the FreeBuds Studio doesn’t disappoint with its excellent acoustic architecture that houses a 40mm dynamic driver and uses the Huawei Kirin A1 audio processor chip and 8-microphone system to comprehensively detect the surrounding environment for improved noise reduction and accurate voice detection during calls.

The Huawei FreeBuds Studio is equipped with fast charging capabilities that give you up to 5 hours of music playback with 10 minutes of charging time. (Image courtesy of Huawei)

With up to 20 hours of battery life, you no longer have to worry about your headsets running out of juice when you are engaged in back to back meetings or powering through an intensive gaming session. The fast charging capabilities of the FreeBuds Studio also ensures a quick solution to your charging worries when you are pressed for time, giving you up to 5 hours of music playback in just 10 minutes of charging time.


🎧 Huawei FreeLace Pro retails at $148 and is available in Spruce Green and Graphite Black

🎧 Huawei FreeBuds Pro retails at $238 and is available in Silver Frost, Ceramic White and Carbon Black

🎧 Huawei FreeBuds Studio retails at $398 and is available in Black

All three new Huawei audio devices will be available for purchase from 11 November 2020 at all Huawei Concept Stores, selected consumer electronic stores, and online through the official stores on Lazada and Shopee.



For more information on the new Huawei audio range, click here.

Banner image courtesy of Huawei.