Review: BEAR by FOREO Sweden That Uses Microcurrents To Tone And Give The Skin A Workout

FOREO is best known for their face cleansing devices, but last year, they surprised all of us and launched a completely new gadget that claims to tone the face through microcurrents. It’s called BEAR by FOREO Sweden.

Above: The packaging for BEAR by Foreo Sweden

Our first impressions of the device: it’s compact and fits really nicely in the hand. It has a smooth, velvety texture that’s easy to grip and is non-slip, and it also looks fun — with the silver spheres resembling the ears of a bear (hence the name).

Above: BEAR in hand

Above: The USB cable and bag included in the box.

BEAR charges by an included USB cable, and one full charge can last up to 90 uses (about three months using this once a day). To turn it on, there’s a single power button on the back that you just press and hold, and the button will light up to show that it’s turned on.

Using BEAR is extremely easy; just download the iOS or Android app, and sync it with the device, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

It’s important to use a conductive serum together with BEAR so the device is actually effective. FOREO recommends their SERUM SERUM SERUM, which safely transfers microcurrent from BEAR to the skin. In this review, this is the serum we tried BEAR with.

Above: The treatment can be stopped anytime and there’s a step by step guide on what to do. This is the first step on applying a serum before using the device.

Above: The steps include gliding bear across different parts of the face, to tone and firm the skin.

Above: This includes the neck and jawline.

While BEAR is really easy to use, the question everyone keeps asking me is whether it hurts because it uses microcurrents; does it feel like it’s “zapping” the skin or stinging it? I’ve used it every day for the past week, and to me, it’s not painful at all. But of course everyone’s skin sensitivity is different, and so I reached out to two other reviewers who were keen to give this a try as well.

Here’s our experience with BEAR:


I have previously tried the NuFACE Mini and Trinity Facial Toner, so I have some experience with at-home facial toning devices. With BEAR, I can immediately tell that FOREO’s device looks more fun (it is bright pink and looks like a bear after all), and it’s priced more competitively than the Trinity. What’s most impressive is that it is said to be two times more powerful and six times faster than NuFACE’s device. From personal experience using both of them, BEAR does indeed feel like it’s delivering a stronger microcurrent and a faster massage, and after just one session, my face skin feels “lifted” and tighter, and it appears slightly so as well.

I used this on microcurrent level 25, which is the highest level. It didn’t feel “shocking” or zapping at all; for me, it was really very comfortable and using SERUM SERUM SERUM, I glided BEAR across the face following the instructions on the app.

Above: Different levels of Microcurrent can be adjusted through the Foreo app, from 5 (lowest) to 25 (highest).

I’ve had friends ask me about this device since I started trying it, and I would recommend it for mornings before applying makeup as an everyday workout for toning the face, and just before events and special occasions to get a “lifted” and more youthful look on the spot.


I’ve been a fan of FOREO’s facial devices ever since I first tried the FOREO LUNA, so this new item is certainly interesting — BEAR is a microcurrent facial toning device that gives a workout to your face (without the sweat, I might add), for toned, smooth skin. At the ripe age of 30 this year, I’m beginning to explore more advanced anti-ageing skincare that tackles the visible effects of fine lines and saggy skin, so this one holds promise for its skin-tightening properties. And yet, I’m not very experimental with facial treatments, such as those that involve LED lights, IPL, or micro-needling — I tend to rely more on skincare products to improve my complexion. BEAR, therefore, was a little bit out of my comfort zone… at first. 

Before putting it on my face, I tried it on the back of my hand. You’re supposed to apply a water-based serum that’s able to conduct the microcurrent, before turning the device on. First thoughts: ooh, I definitely felt it! There was a slight tingling sensation, like the feel of static electricity, though painless. Here’s where I was relieved that BEAR is the only at-home device with a built-in anti-shock system; this adjusts to your skin’s electricity resistance, so you don’t feel any shock.

Above: Trying BEAR on the back of the hand

After that initial dip in the water, I then moved on to my face, starting from the bottom of the jaw, and working upwards across my jawline. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel any prickling sensation at all, even at higher intensities! BEAR has five microcurrent intensities, which you can adjust both via the app and pressing the button on the back of the device. It’s best paired with the app with a dedicated video guide, but you don’t really need to — the device can be activated manually. I barely felt the microcurrents, but I did feel the T-Sonic pulsations which gave my skin an even better workout. The Bear’s ergonomic shape also fit nicely against my facial contours, and I could slide it without unnecessary tugging on my skin. Other than the metal nubs that deliver the microcurrents, the rest of the device is covered in silicone, which makes washing the device and leaving it to dry very hygienic.

I did notice some immediate results, mostly a slightly firmer jawline, though I did wonder whether that was just a result of the increased circulation. Still, it was a welcome change since this meant my face looked less puffy when I used it in the morning. I’m about six rounds in now, and can say that it does take a while to see more visible results. It was nearer to the fifth session that I noticed my skin feeling tighter and fresher-looking. I’d say this is definitely less taxing on your wallet to use this device regularly, than go for multiple treatments at a salon.

Above: Before and After one session with Bear, there’s a slight “lifted” look on the side of the cheek and along the jawline.

Above: the texture of Foreo SERUM SERUM SERUM, used together with BEAR


When it comes to skincare devices, FOREO has found itself to be at the forefront of many of our beauty routines. I’m no stranger to FOREO’s highly raved products — having tried their bestsellers including their UFO, LUNA 2, and LUNA Mini — so you can imagine how thrilled I was to try the latest BEAR facial device.

The shape of the device is quite intuitive; I can grip onto it comfortably, it’s light and the material allows it to dry up quickly too. When I first used it, I was a little overwhelmed with the pulsations that were emitted from the “ears” of the device — I felt a few stinging sensations on certain areas of my face, which was quite unsettling at first. But after taking some time getting used to the device, I eventually got comfortable. Also, it is very safe — and that’s thanks to the patented Anti-Shock System. I’ve tested BEAR on different intensity settings and even the highest one didn’t give me any uncomfortable prickling shocks as it did when I initially used it.

The results? Well, after using it for the first time, I couldn’t see much of a difference to my face, it was really subtle and I started questioning if I was imagining it. However, I gave it another go and doubled up on the serum for another round of the treatment. This time, I was really impressed with how contoured my face was. My skin was also more radiant, glowy, firm and contoured. It actually made me look like I just finished a workout — in a good way, of course. I would recommend investing in BEAR if you’re looking for an alternative to depuff and tone your face, especially in the morning. It’s easy to use, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a quick face lift without having to into the clinic.

BEAR by FOREO SWEDEN ($436) and serum serum serum ($99), available at FOREO.COM.