Capture Picture Perfect Moments This Festive Season With The OPPO Reno4 Pro

For most of us, the smartphone has evolved from being a device that provides connectivity and entertainment into a handy tool which allows us to capture memorable moments when we’re on-the-go. Instead of having to invest in a physical camera, we’re now more inclined to choose a smartphone as our primary choice tool for photography, not just because of its all-in-one portability but also its increasingly impressive camera capabilities.

OPPO Reno4 Pro in Silky White, $899.

Since their launch in early August, OPPO’s latest addition to the Reno series — the Reno4 Pro — has marketed itself as a mid-range smartphone with a premium suite of features, that includes next-level photography, which has the potential to rival the more costly devices in the market. Its ultra-slim body makes it lightweight to carry around, and it has a curved display which helps to create a comfortable fit in the palm of your hand that’s easy to hold — especially when you’re capturing photos all day.

Paired with the 90Hz display refresh rate, the widescreen of the Reno4 Pro is particularly useful for video streaming, gaming as well as scrolling through content vertically. It not only enables a smoother user experience but you’ll be able to find yourself scrolling through your social media apps with more ease and no lag.


The Quad Camera set-up on the OPPO Reno4 Pro.

The Reno4 Pro comes built with a Rear Quad Camera set-up that consists of a 48MP primary camera, an 8MP Ultra wide-angle camera, a 2MP Macro camera and 2MP mono lens, and a 32MP front camera. Both cameras are further boosted with a suite of creative camera features such as the AI Colour Portrait Photo and Night Flare Portrait Mode, that aim to help take smartphone photography to the next level.

Here are a few features you can explore with the OPPO Reno4 Pro that will help capture your special moments during the upcoming holiday season.

Image credit: OPPO Singapore
When AI Colour Portrait detects a human subject.

Probably one of the most exciting features in the phone, the AI Colour Portrait Photo allows you to create creative portraits by highlighting your subject in natural colour while muting the background colours in black and white.

AI Colour Portrait result when there is no human subject detected.

A tip to using this feature is to ensure that your camera is close to a human subject as the AI algorithm isn’t able to find a focus when you’re too far. It should also be noted that the algorithm seemingly works on human subjects so using this feature on your pet or a building will not create the same result.

Image credit: OPPO Singapore
Night Flare Portrait in an outdoor setting.

The Night Flare Portrait Mode works by superimposing a mix of transparent and bright blurred light spots on the background while enhancing the colour at the same time to create a clear and bright night portrait with bokeh effects.

Night Flare Portrait in an indoor setting.

You can opt to use this setting instead of a normal portrait mode when you’re taking photos in a dim light setting, as it is able to produce a more naturally coloured image with the right amount of light and colour.

Portrait Mode in an indoor setting.

The Portrait mode itself is good enough for all your bokeh needs with the ability to distinguish the focus subject from the background with great accuracy. If you’re looking to add more flair to your portrait photos, Reno4 Pro has up to 10 Instagram-style filters that you can play around with, taking out the need to further edit photos on external apps.

Normal photo mode with HDR on in landscape format.
Normal photo mode with HDR on in portrait format (taken in an outdoor setting).
Normal photo mode with HDR on in portrait format (taken in an outdoor setting at night).
Normal photo mode with HDR on in portrait format (taken in an indoor setting).
Normal photo mode with HDR mode taken at night.
Image credit: OPPO Singapore
Image credit: OPPO Singapore
Image credit: OPPO Singapore

Unlike other smartphone cameras, the OPPO Reno4 Pro is able to produce ultra-clear 108MP images that are detailed, sharp and natural-looking with well-balanced colour reproduction. Using the HDR feature helps to ensure that the camera picks up more colours to prevent your photos from looking too dim or overexposed — which is ideal for capturing photos on a bright day at the beach or a family photo at a Christmas set-up in the night.

Ultra Wide Angle in an outdoor setting during the late afternoon.

When capturing the Christmas lights set-up, it is always better to capture more details and you can do so with the Ultra Wide Angle feature which produces dynamic images with decent bright exposure. Do note that this feature works best in daylight as it does have a tendency to produce underexposed shots in exceptionally dark settings.

This photo was taken using 2x zoom.

The Reno4 Pro is equipped with zoom positions as well, though going all the way to the 20x level might produce grainy results. For optimum results, use the 2x or 5x zoom as it will produce less noise in the image.

Image credit: OPPO Singapore
This photo was taken in an outdoor setting using the Night Mode.

With all the Christmas lights set up at shopping malls and down Orchard Road, it is essential to have a good Night Mode feature like the one available on the OPPO Reno4 Pro. Using Night Mode can help to brighten up the shadows to produce a sharp image with a good amount of detail despite the all-round low light setting.


Instead of having to source for an external program to put your festive photos and videos together, the OPPO Reno4 Pro is equipped with an app called Soloop which allows you to create instant slideshows featuring your selected images.

The app also provides you with the ability to edit your photos and videos manually using interesting transitions, texts and filters alongside a selection of music tracks.


Battery settings on the OPPO Reno4 Pro.

In order to ensure you have enough power for use, the Reno4 Pro is equipped with 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 flash charging tech which easily charges your phone to 50% in over 11 minutes, and to a full 100% in 36 minutes. The long-lasting battery of the Reno4 Pro is able to deliver a day’s worth of power even when if you put it through endless intensive tasks such as the constant use of the camera feature for festive photos, video streaming on YouTube and Netflix, and social media surfing. 

However, if you prefer to have your phone last a little more than a day, the Reno4 Pro is also equipped with several power-saving modes such as the Super Power Saving Mode which helps you to conserve power further by allowing you to use only 6 selected apps, and the Super Night-Time Standby, which consumes about 2% of battery throughout the night for up to 8 hours.


The OPPO Reno4 Pro retails at $899 and is available in Starry Night and Silky White with 8 RAM and 256 RAM. You can purchase the phone from OPPO Concept Stores, SingTel, Starhub, M1 as well as online through OPPO’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada.



For more information on the OPPO Reno4 Pro, click here.