All the watches in the CHANEL ELECTRO Collection, including the PREMIÈRE and CODE COCO

We’ve seen electro-inspired versions of the CHANEL J12 earlier in April this year, though the latest CHANEL ELECTRO capsule collection takes everything up a notch. Four of the fashion house’s most iconic horological creations are now given that vibrant neon treatment, inspired by graphic codes of 90s electronic music culture.

“I conceived this capsule collection like a performance programme, inviting our classics, the J12, PREMIÈRE, CODE COCO and BOY·FRIEND, to perform side by side on this stage, drawing their inspiration from the codes of this world,” said Arnaud Chastaingt, Director of the Chanel Watchmaking Creation Studio.

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Indeed, the watches feature mostly black designs — black ceramic and steel for the J12, or blackened steel for the PREMIÈRE and CODE COCO models — a choice that both reflects the thriving EDM nightlife, while also allowing for neon pink, green, and yellow accents to pop, making for a brilliant play of contrasts.

Here are the four limited-edition watches available:

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Then, there’s something for the serious collections as well — a PREMIÈRE ELECTRO BOX of 7 watches, each with a different leather strap shade, arranged like a neon rainbow. There’s one for every day of the week, it seems.

To celebrate the release of the ELECTRO Capsule Collection, CHANEL has also collaborated with ED Banger Records to create exclusive electronic playlists. These are available on both Spotify and Apple Music.