Be Inspired To Create While On-the-Go With Apps Such As Procreate, VSCO, And Adobe Fresco

With the birth of the smartphone, the ability to unlock our creative skills has been made much easier with features and apps available on our devices. In an effort to get us exploring more of our creative side, Apple has curated a ‘Create It Your Way’ series featuring some inspiring tips from creators around the region alongside their favourite go-to apps. Here’s a look at what you can find.


Chaiwat Sriwilard and his calligraphy design that was created using Adobe Fresco. (Image courtesy of Chaiwat Sriwilard)

Did you know the art of calligraphy doesn’t just have to be on paper? Thai calligrapher Chaiwat Sriwilard is here to share with you how he creates his dazzling designs and calligraphy with just the use of Adobe Fresco and an Apple Pencil on his iPad Pro. As compared to brushes and pens on paper, he finds that the app helps to enable him to draw more intricately with the ability to practise line after line as he tries to perfect each stroke.

Here are Chaiwat’s top three tips for using Adobe Fresco:
1. Use Touch Shortcuts as they can help you to switch between a brush and an eraser quickly, and trim the lines that may not have gone to plan.
2. Draw it as a vector so as to scale your drawing in any size without the worry that it will look pixelated.
3. Make multicoloured lines by painting a few swatches of colour next to each other, then tapping the Eyedropper tool and moving it around until you see a multicolour swatch. After, start painting to draw a line that looks like a rainbow.


Ong Lyn-Hui and her illustration that was created using Procreate. (Image courtesy of Ong Lyn-Hui)

Illustration may seem like a daunting skill to learn but children’s illustrator Ong Lyn-Hui is here to tell you that creating your unique drawings can be easy with the use of Procreate on an iPad Pro or iPhone — a made-for-Apple app that is handy and fully capable of refining your designs for a post on social media.

Here are Lyn-Hui’s top three tips for using Procreate:
1. Begin with the basics — start with a selfie using the Reference Companion feature and draw a self-portrait. Once you get the hang of it, you can start designing your own characters.
2. If you are not into digital art and illustration, you can try digital calligraphy by writing your name using the calligraphy brushes in Procreate. 
3. Keep drawing and posting; you can even use Procreate’s Time-lapse Relay recording feature to share the creative process on social.


Lee Yik Keat and his photo that was edited using Adobe Lightroom, VSCO and Prequel. (Image courtesy of Lee Yik Keat)

If you’re a budding photo bug, photographer Lee Yik Keat is here to share tips on editing with Adobe Lightroom, VSCO and Prequel, how he finds hidden gems wherever he goes and how he looks for new angles and techniques to improve photos — such as making a skyline shot look more interesting with the use of a nearby metallic surface and shooting the skyline against its reflection.

Here are Yik Keat’s top three tips for editing using Adobe Lightroom, VSCO and Prequel:
1. Adobe Lightroom — Using the Radial Filter tool, draw a circle around your photo’s subject and brighten the area inside while darkening the area outside to create a powerful spotlight effect.
2. VSCO — With Split Tone, you will be able to control the mood of your photos. For example, using a green tint for shadows will bring a nostalgic feel to the shot.
3. Prequel — Add striking effects such as Bling or Disco to your photos and then adjust its intensity before applying it to your photos.


Artem, Sergei and Serghii (from Kem Banh Que) and a screenshot from the clip they created using CapCut. (Image courtesy of Kem Banh Que)

Even without video creating or editing experience, you can still create quality videos like how the owners of Kem Banh Que, an ice cream shop in Vietnam, did with the video editing app CapCut to help create comical shorts for TikTok.

Here are Artem, Sergei and Serghii’s top three tips for using CapCut:
1. Apply Split and Crop to unused frames or to cut dull moments so as to make your video interesting.
2. Use the Speed function to help make your video more dynamic.
3. Pick a popular template from the Trends category to help your finished video achieve higher views.



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Header image courtesy of Chaiwat Sriwilard, Ong Lyn-Hui, and Lee Yik Keat.