LumiHealth Introduces New Wellbeing Programs and Challenges For The Apple Watch

Since its launch in October 2020, LumiHealth has been helping local Apple Watch users enjoy the benefits of staying healthy. Created in collaboration with a team of physicians and public health experts from the Health Promotion Board, and Apple, the first-of-its-kind program encourages healthy lifestyle changes through a personalised program that is designed with built-in privacy and data security. 

LumiHealth app on the iPhone. (Image courtesy of Apple)

For the unfamiliar, LumiHealth works almost like your health buddy — ensuring you stay focused on your holistic health and wellness, which include your physical activity, mental well-being, sleep, nutrition, preventive screening, as well as vaccinations and regular updates on how you can better manage your lifestyle through COVID-19. The app also allows you to earn points, which you can use to redeem HPB eVouchers upon completion.

To commemorate their first year in helping you make more meaningful lifestyle changes, LumiHealth has added new feature programs and challenges, which include a focus on weight management. Here’s a closer look at what new features you can expect.


Healthy Weight Habits on LumiHealth. (Image courtesy of Apple)

The new Healthy Weight Habits program leverages the app’s holistic approach and the Apple Watch’s powerful fitness features to design a highly personalised program that runs for 30 days with an option to repeat. This feature will allow you to choose to receive a combination of curated nutrition and activity challenges, as well as reminders for regular weight check-ins. 

Even if you are someone who may be less inclined to move, the Healthy Weight Habits program also offers curated activity challenges that can be easily completed and tracked on the Apple Watch to help you gradually level up on your activities.


Refer a friend to get 10,000 points.

From now, existing users who refer new participants using the in-app referral feature will be rewarded with 10,000 points for each successful enrolment. New sign-ups will also receive 10,000 points to help make it easier to start earning rewards as they start their LumiHealth journey.


If you are still not convinced on how LumiHealth can help with your lifestyle, here’s a look at how it has helped to inspire users to focus on their health and wellness.

Marketing professional and working parent Faz Gaffa has found the helpful reminders
on LumiHealth are a convenient way to keep her health in check. (Image courtesy of Faz Gaffa/Apple)
Faz Gaffa, writer and marketing professional

“As a working parent, I juggle multiple projects at a time so LumiHealth provides me with helpful reminders to keep my health in check. These include breathing exercises using the Breathe app to help my mental health, curbing sugar intake to keep my diet in check, and switching up my workouts so I don’t keep doing the same thing. When you have many things going on, an app that helps you keep your wellbeing in check is very much welcomed.”

LumiHealth has helped Benjamin Lee adopt healthier habits, like closing his Activity
rings on his Apple Watch, by taking frequent outdoor walks with his son. (Image courtesy of Benjamin Lee/Apple)
Benjamin Lee, creative director

“I was stubbornly sedentary for the better part of the last two decades but as middle age took hold, I could no longer ignore the danger signs — my body was practically yelling out for my attention. LumiHealth’s non-intimidating little nudges that make sure I sleep better, manage my stress, and eat healthier meals have worked for me, as well as the simple act of closing my rings every day on my Apple Watch — small changes that have turned into habit-forming healthy actions.”

More Singaporeans, like Vanessa Caitlin, are now enjoying the benefits of LumiHealth and living a healthier life. (Image courtesy of Vanessa Caitlin/Apple)
Vanessa Caitlin, digital content director

“With the constant work-from-home fatigue, it’s been harder than ever to stay on track with my journey towards a healthier me. Thanks to the personalised challenges on LumiHealth, it’s like the app knew just what I needed to feel motivated and meet my fitness goals. Together with my Apple Watch, it’s so easy to keep track of my workouts, close my Activity rings every day, and earn LumiPoints. LumiHealth isn’t just about the challenges though, it’s also educated me on the benefits of vaccines, whole grains, as well as sleep health.”



You can download LumiHealth from the Apple App Store here. For more information, click here.