First look at the new iPad Air with M1 Chip — it’s unbelievably fast

Last week, Apple announced a whole slew of new products including the new generation iPad Air. The iPad Air was always marketed at the consumer who wants portability in size (it’s really thin) and weight (it’s light), coupled with performance and versatility; and with this 2022 5th generation version, its specs are bumped up significantly.

Above: The new ipad air (image courtesy apple).

The main upgrade is with the inclusion of the M1 chip that’s already in the iPad Pro, and it makes the iPad Air extremely fast and powerful. In first tests by us, just starting up and swiping through apps is speedy; transitions feel smooth with hardly any lag time. Running more processor heavy applications like 3D modeling apps and those that use augmented reality features will feel smoother and have a better response time. I tried the magicplan app on the new iPad Air and it worked well; responding to both finger and Apple Pencil gestures quickly.

This year’s iPad Air also adopts the same all-screen design as the last model (the 4th generation), which has more squarish corners that follow the industrial styling first seen in the iPhone 4, and then again in the iPhone 12 and 13. In the current iPad lineup, this shape is across all iPad models with the exception of the iPad that is rounder at the edges. I’m a big fan of this squarish design; it feels better in the hands and looks more pleasing to the eye.

Above: the ipad family includes (from left to right) the ipad pro, ipad air, ipad and ipad mini (image courtesy apple).

The iPad Air comes in five colours: Space Grey, Pink, Purple, Starlight, and a new Blue. I’m testing out the Starlight shade, which is almost like a silver, but with a hint of a champagne colour. It’s a truly gorgeous tablet that looks even better with the Magic Keyboard (in White — to match the Starlight shade, of course).

Above: The five shades of the ipad air (image courtesy apple).

Here’s a first look at the new iPad Air in Starlight:

Above: it’s a 10.9″ Liquid Retina display that’s an all-screen design (same as the previous 4th generation).

Above: The back features a 12MP wide camera for capturing high resolution photos and 4k videos.

Above: close-up of the back camera.

Above: It’s very thin and light, and has the smart connector (to use with the smart folio or Magic Keyboard).

Above: the ipad air shares the same magic keyboard as the ipad pro 11″.

Above: the front of the magic keyboard is plain and sleek. I love it.

Above: The ipad air connects easily to the magic keyboard and feels secure.

Above: The magic keyboard is a joy to type on; i actually prefer these keys to the keyboard on the macbook pro. this one has a nice and low profile, and feels comfortable to use.

Above: The ipad air “floats” above the keyboard and you can tilt it to set the perfect angle to type or watch movies.

Above: the ipad air is compatible with the 2nd generation APPLE PENCIL, which snaps magnetically to the top of the device to both charge and sync it.

Above: if you get an ipad air (or any ipad at all), the apple pencil is really an essential accessory; it’s the perfect tool for drawing and marking up with.

Just like any Apple product, the iPad Air is also committed to keeping its environmental impact as low as possible. So many parts of it are made from recycled material. It’s important and good to know:

Above: ipad air recycled material chart (image courtesy apple).
The iPad Air is priced from $879 and available for order now on APPLE.COM. it will ship from 18 march 2022.