First look at the 2022 MacBook Air in Starlight

The first MacBook Air was introduced in 2008 as a line of notebook computers that were very thin and light. There have been multiple versions and upgrades since the original, but this 2022 edition is by far the most exciting and beautiful.

My first impression of this laptop is that it’s ridiculously slim and light — I wasn’t expecting a machine this thin. The 13.6″ screen is also really bright and looks incredible. I’d kill to have this computer back when I was studying in University.

It’s possibly the ultimate computer for tertiary students and anyone who doesn’t need the power required for 3D modelling or editing tons of RAW images. Personally, it’s suitable for my work as an Editor and Journalist, but not as a photographer. I need boosted RAM and a stronger processor to render my RAW images that are in the hundreds of MB each — and that’s where the Mac Studio and MacBook Pro (when I’m on the go) come in.

Here’s a first look at the 2022 MacBook Air in one of the new colours, Starlight.

Above: The colour starlight is a beautiful mix of silver and rose gold.

Above: the power plug and cable in the box. The base version comes with a 30W USB-C power adapter, while the upgraded version includes apple’s first 35W dual usb-c port power adapter.

Above: the macbook air 2022 has gone through a nice redesign and follows the same “squarish” corners as the current iphone and ipad pros.

Above: it’s only 1.13cm thin.

Above: here it is compared to the macbook pro 14″.

Above: it’s slimmer than the macbook pro (and obviously lighter).

Above: The sleek base of the macbook air.

Above: the full size backlit magic keyboard includes touch id and has an ambient light sensor.

Above: the entire computer is gorgeous any angle you look at it from.

The MacBook Air also comes in the standard Silver and Space Grey colours, but the one to really look out for is Midnight — a brand new shade that’s like a dark navy bordering on black. You can check out the full lineup and tech specs on the Apple website.

If you’re looking to upgrade from an older computer and you’re just using this machine for day-to-day work or studies, the new MacBook Air is an excellent choice that you’ll carry around with pride. It sports the Apple M2 chip, which is super speedy for browsing the Internet and sending emails, has a really nice Liquid Retina display that’s comfortable to look at for long hours, and charges via Apple’s MagSafe 3 charging port or one of the USB-C ports.

Other than its good looks, it’s most attractive because of its price. It starts at $1,699 for the base model and that doesn’t include educational discounts.

You can order the macbook air with m2 chip online now at APPLE.COM.