The New Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum — Along With A Pet Groom Tool For Pet Hair

Dyson’s cordless vacuums are still one of the hottest commodities around — ask any millennial who’s suddenly very into home appliances — so it’s surely a thing of note when the brand launches their most powerful and intelligent vacuum yet, the Dyson V15 Detect.

This flagship model arrives with 240AW suction power, laser dust detection, real-time data, advanced filtration technologies, and even a high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filter for its higher-end model.

Along with the launch, Dyson also announces new attachments that are backward-compatible with existing Dyson models, including a Pet Groom Tool that’s meant to be a saviour for pet parents. Then, there’s a Scratch-Free Dusting Brush for appliances and delicate furniture, and an Awkward Gap Tool for, well, awkward corners and tight gaps.

All in all, the aim is to make your entire home cleaner than ever before, free from fur, hair, and dust — a thorough deep-clean that’s all for a healthy home environment, germaphobe or not. The advanced functions also makes the V15 Detect suitable for homes with pets. Here’s a look at each of the launches:


The first thing you ought to know about a Dyson cordless vacuum is its versatility. Since it’s cordless, you’re free to use it at any part of the house, sans cumbersome wires, while the V15 Detect promises up to 60 minutes of run time once dismounted from its charging dock. Suction power-wise, the Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor generates 240AW of powerful suction for a satisfying clean.

It’s also detachable, so you can default to the original cleaner head and ergonomic aluminium wand for comfortable floor and carpet cleaning, or convert it to a handheld vacuum for sofas, mattresses, and stairs. A host of other Dyson-engineered attachments also cater to various specialised functions.


Now for the new technology. The Dyson V15 Detect’s 5-stage advanced filtration technologies are able to capture 99.99% of particles, those as small as 0.3 microns. That covers dust, fine sand, dust mites, microscopic dust, and skin flakes — some of these might trigger allergies, asthma, or skin reactions.

A fully-sealed system ensures these don’t escape from the machine, and a cyclone technology within the bin uses centrifugal technology to separate dust and dirt from the airflow for smoother suction.

If you’re looking for something even more thorough though, there’s the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (HEPA), a gold and teal model exclusive to their direct channels. With whole machine HEPA filtration, ultra-fine particles down to 0.1 microns — particles the size of allergens and pollen — can be taken care of, including pet dander and other nasties, making this model their most hygienic vacuum yet.

Laser Dust Detection

This one’s a game-changer for people obsessed with dust-free homes. First introduced with the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, a precisely-angled laser integrated right into the cleaner head reveals invisible particles, those which we normally don’t see. They’ve chosen a green laser diode on the Slim Fluffy cleaner head for the best contrast too, so we can efficiently remove these particles without worrying if we’ve missed a spot. Read more about it in our review here.

Piezo Sensor

This one’s another smart technology that offers real-time data of your cleaning, while the vacuum itself automatically adjusts to dust levels . An acoustic piezo sensor is fitted into the vacuum in order to detect vibrations caused by the dust; this is then translated into actual data of dust size and quantity shown on the in-built LCD screen. When the vacuum comes across high concentrations of dust, it’s able to react with higher suction power to cope with the demand, and then revert back to its previous mode when dust levels normalise.

Advanced de-tangling brush bar technology

It’s not just power and smarts, a good vacuum is also about using the right tools for the right purposes. Whether you’ve got pets or are just sick of seeing hair strands being stuck at your vacuum head, know that the Dyson V15 Detect has incorporated a new brush bar technology designed to tackle all hair. The hair screw tool sucks up hair fast, with hair removal vanes that automatically clear hair from the brush bar as you clean, helping to deal with troublesome tangles.


Pet Groom Tool

Made for our furry friends, the Pet Grooming Kit ($99) caters specifically to pet hair, pet dander and microscopic skin flakes, which may carry pollen and other allergens around our homes. The new tool is compatible with any of Dyson’s cordless vacuums, and contains 364 bristles angled at a comfortable 35° angle that flexes as you brush your pet.

A demonstration at the Dyson Headquarters showed that you’re supposed to gently comb your pet’s coat to let the bristles capture loose hairs, then turn on the suction power to agitate them so they disappear into the main body.

Scratch-Free Dusting Brush

Made for screens, appliances and gadgets, or any of your furniture that’s too precious for a vacuum’s regular cleaning head, Dyson’s Scratch-Free Dusting Brush comes with fine and soft bristles that differentiate it from traditional coarse bristles used to agitate dirt. The goal is to clean well, without scratching the surface it’s cleaning on. This one comes with 8,100 ultra-fine and densely-packed Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) polymer filaments, a material inspired by fine paint and makeup brushes. When you’re done, simply rotate the cuff so dust and debris can be easily removed from the bristles without having to pick them out.

Awkward Gap Tool

Flexible enough to bend around corners, yet rigid enough to hold shape in order to not lose its suction efficiency, the Awkward Gap Tool twists at an ideal 22°, which Dyson has deduced is the optimum angle for hard-to-reach places. A width of 12.5mm and 254mm reach ensures you can easily clean narrow gaps around or at the back of your furniture, or tight areas in your car.

The last two attachments are part of the Detail Cleaning Kit ($99), which includes the scratch-free dusting brush, awkward gap tool and extension hose.


The Dyson V15 Detect, $1,299, available AT WWW.DYSON.COM.SG, DYSON DEMO STORES, and authorised retailers.
Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (HEPA), $1,349, available exclusively at WWW.DYSON.COM.SG AND DYSON DEMO STORES.