Review: Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, with an innovative modular and customisable concept

A fridge isn’t just a fridge. It’s the place everyone in the family visits multiple times a day, and derives great joy from. It’s the home appliance that’s worth investing in and Samsung knows it. Back in 2021, they unveiled their line of Bespoke customisable refrigerators, and it was a much-welcomed innovation in a saturated category. It was its own new classic with a modern, minimalist design and a “Flat Style” that gave it the ability to fit seamlessly into kitchen cabinetry and carpentry settings. It became one with the furniture, and was more than just functional — it was stylish. Also, stylish not in a “gadgety” way, but in an actual designer way.

The Bespoke refrigerator — as its name implies — is customisable. It has a modular concept where the home owner can “add on” and join units where needed, and even choose the direction in which each door opens for selected fridge models. It’s also offered in 8 colours, but this too is fully customisable with decals so you can turn your once straightforward home appliance into a work of art.

Above: The Swirl design from the new Bespoke Wallpaper Collection. photo courtesy samsung.

And just recently, Samsung released whole new design collections, including the Bespoke Wallpaper Collection (eight trend-focused designs from botanicals to monochromatic options), and a Bespoke Disney Collection and the Bespoke Marvel Collection (the Marvel designs will launch at a later date).

Above: it’s your favourite disney character on your new fridge! photo courtesy samsung.

With all the multiple combinations of the fridge, the 4-Door Flex model suited my household best, and because its exterior design is so sleek and discreet, I placed it outside of my kitchen and across the dining table.

Above: the samsung bespoke 4-door flex Refrigerator fitting seamlessly into our carpentry. we placed it outside of the kitchen and across from the dining table.

My house has an overall black and white aesthetic, so I chose the Glam Navy shade for all four doors; the colour is sophisticated and there’s always the option of customised decals in the future should I wish to change the look and feel of the product (and hence, room).

Above: The dazzling glass finish in Glam Navy is sleek, modern, and complements the space beautifully.

While the exterior of the BESPOKE 4-Door Flex is immaculate, it’s also the inside technology and functionality that counts when selecting something as important as a fridge for the household. And I’d like to think that I’m generally a neat person, so fridge organisation is very important to me. Here’s the inside of my fridge:

Above: the 2 upper doors house my “fridge” area; there are 3 shelves and 2 drawers. And because of the large internal spaces, the fridge allows me to add additional storage organisers (bought separately) to keep everything in place.

Above: here’s a closer look at my organisers (bought separately). I have a spinning tray for sauces on the top shelf (so i can spin it around to reach all the bottles easily), clear under-shelf drawers for healthy fruits (so it’s easy for the kids to see them when they’re looking for a snack), and a double tray dispenser for canned drinks.

Above: both fridge doors have 3 shelves each. this is the right door; i place less healthy snacks like chocolate at the top and out of reach of the kids, and i made a medicine compartment from the middle shelf. I love that these storage bins are modular, so i can adjust them based on the height of the items.

Above: I really like that i can open just one of the four doors at a time. it helps to keep the cool air in.

Above: The left drawer is the Crisper+ that is ideal for keeping fruits and vegetables. the right one is a
flex crisper, which can be adjusted with two distinct temperature settings, so it’s versatile; i can store fresh produce like meat and fish in there if i need to, preserving them at the optimal temperature.

Above: the control panel is inside the fridge and allows me to easily set the temperature of the various zones, and to configure the “flexzone”, which is the bottom right compartment of the entire fridge. I can use that space as either a fridge or a freezer depending on my needs.

Above: Here’s the flexzone. It’s an independently-controlled compartment with five pre-set modes. I’ve used the Flexzone as a freezer to store meat and seafood.

Above: a water tank sits in the fridge between the two drawers, and this supplies the automatic ice maker with water.

Above: the bottom left compartment is the freezer. the top shelf houses the ice maker and tray, and there’s a large middle open shelf and a large bottom drawer.

Above: the ice tray has a really nice built-in scoop!

Above: While the design is “flat”, there are practical grooves that are discreet and allow the doors to be easily opened.

It’s now been four months living with the Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, and every friend who has dropped by my place sees it and comments on how sleek it is. It’s like a piece of furniture that sits beautifully in the hallway; it’s shiny and I can see my reflection in it, plus it lends an air of glam and sophistication to the room I placed it in. Sure, it’s slightly pricier than the regular fridge, but is it worth the investment? Well, when I think about the next decade that this will serve me and my family, then absolutely.

The Samsung BESPOKE 4-door flex with customisable design has a capacity of 496l, and is priced from $5,199 (PRICE not inclusive of dECALS). FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PURCHASE AND FRIDGE DECAL CUSTOMISATION, VISIT the samsung website at SAMSUNG.COM/sg/BESPOKE-CREATORS-COLLECTION/.