Jabra launches their toughest and most advanced Wireless Earbuds ever, with the Elite 8 Active and Elite 10

The last pair of Jabra earbuds we reviewed was the Elite 5 back in October 2022. Fast forward a year later, we have the Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 — the brand’s toughest and most advanced models to date. These were announced earlier this month and just launched on Jabra’s official store on Shopee.

Above: The box packaging for the Jabra Elite 8 Active in caramel, $308 (left) and Elite 10 in titanium black, $378 (right).


The Jabra Elite 8 Active comes in three colours: Navy, Dark Grey and Caramel (featured here).

We love the matte casing and the embossed logo on its front, and there’s a light indicator to show when the case is charging and full.

Design: The earbuds have a smooth matte finish as well, with the flat buttons on the side also embossed with the brand name. The whole packaging feels premium, especially for a device meant for “rugged” use. Jabra touts these as their toughest earbuds ever, being waterproof, sweatproof, rustproof and drop resistant.

Charging and Battery: The case charges by a USB-C cable or a Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, and you get up to 8 hours of battery life with the earbuds (with ANC activated), and up to 32 hours in total with the portable charging case. This is more than most earbuds at this price range.

Controls and Settings: It was easy to pair this with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the controls are intuitive. There’s a Jabra Sound+ app that has additional settings for audio and voice calls, such as auto answering calls when one or both earbuds is put in. There’s also a music equaliser with presets, so you can customise your audio (eg. more bass, less treble).

Sound Quality: Spatial Sound is available through the Sound+ app, but it made the audio sound rather echoey and the bass a tad muffled. Once Spatial Sound was turned off, everything became nice and clear. Like all Jabra’s, the bass feels boosted and I suppose this works on the plane or during sports.

Fit and Comfort: Unsurprisingly, these feel secure in the ear and I wouldn’t hesitate to take them running. Jabra has put these through a “shake test”, and with this model, they’ve increased silicone coverage so there’s a tighter in-ear fit that make these more comfortable to wear, as well as improving the noise seal.

Who’s this for: The Elite 8 Active has been tested against military standards to see how well they perform under pressure, and they’ve passed 9 durability tests (low altitude pressure, high temperature, low temperature, rain, humidity, salt fog, sand and dust, immersion and shock), which make these extremely tough. These are the perfect earbuds to take swimming, cycling, trekking, and more. Get these for the sports enthusiast who will appreciate its durable build.


The Jabra Elite 10 is available in three colours as well: Cream, Cocoa and Titanium Black (featured here). Just like all the other Jabra earbuds, in the box you’ll find a USB-C charging cable and extra EarGels so you get the perfect fit for your ear.

Design: The case has a smooth, semi-matte finish that looks and feels high-end, but will attract oily fingerprints if you aren’t careful — but nothing that can’t be wiped off.

Instead of a single silicone piece like the Elite 8 Active, the Elite 10 has a metal plate that doubles up as the side buttons. It’s a different look altogether, that’s far more serious and prestigious that its sportier counterpart, and will appeal to the business crowd.

Fit and Comfort: These are the most comfortable Jabra earbuds I’ve ever tried. They sit snugly in the ear and don’t feel like much when worn — which is a good thing.

Sound Quality: There’s Spatial Sound for this pair as well, which is less echoey and boomy than the Elite 8 Active — although I still prefer to turn this function off and enjoy my music in its full, clear glory. Audio sounds rich and balanced, with no distortion at its loudest setting.

Who’s this for: The Jabra Elite 10 is a reliable set of earbuds to take anywhere. Considering the brand, we know this pair is durable — perhaps not as tough as the Elite 8 Active, but certainly good enough for the gym. Most notably, it has Jabra’s most advanced noise cancelling capabilities, and will block out even the most disturbing sounds (like the party next door or a thunderstorm). If ANC is the most important thing for you, the Jabra Elite 10 will serve you well.

The Jabra Elite 8 Active is priced at $308, while the Jabra Elite 10 is priced at $378. Both available on Jabra’s official store on SHOPEE.