Pandora Dives Right Into The Fantasy Realm With This Game of Thrones Collection

Winter is coming — and so are dragons and direwolves. The groundbreaking television series that had us fanatically obsessed over wars between kings and queens and their mostly tragic fates is now represented in the Game of Thrones x Pandora collection, where we see gilded pieces including an Iron Throne charm and a Crown Ring you can choose to wear around your little finger.

Indeed, this is an 11-piece jewellery collection that ought to bring honour to the realm, as we get to flaunt everything from Pandora’s signature charms, to rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets inspired by the hit series.

The partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products is one that brings to life the rich fantasy world, such that we get to represent our favourite houses or motifs in the form of wearable designs, which also reflect the jewellery brand’s most innovative crafting techniques.

There seems to be two key themes running across the pieces — one, dragon-inspired jewellery inspired by the Mother of Dragons herself, and two, the icy contrasts of House Stark.



Above: jewellery inspired by House Targaryen, including the Game of Thrones Dragon Pendant Necklace ($249) ; Game of Thrones Dragon Fire Dangle Charm ($159) ; and Game of Thrones Daenerys Charm ($99).

Perhaps due to the popularity of spin-off series House of the Dragon, dragon scales and their fiery prowess, represented by red crystals, are rife in a collection that both honours traditional Targaryen colours of red and gold, while also firing up sterling silver options that look like they have been forged from Valyrian steel. A Sparkling Dragon Egg Charm is one of our favourites, as it echoes precious dragon eggs via keen textural details, complete with sparkling stones and microbeads peeking out from a crack along its side.

If you’re thinking Queen of the North though, then there are pieces inspired by direwolves, or finished with icy Murano glass. Pandora’s traditional style of oxidising sterling silver further adds a contrasting dark detail to the pieces, seen most obviously on the Iron Throne charm with its contrasting green stone.

Above: a more-cool toned look with sterling silver jewellery, including the Game of Thrones Sparkling Dragon Egg Charm ($89).