Review: The RUHENS POP Water Dispenser Is A Sleek, Hygienic Machine Ideal For Modern Homes

Got a new home, looking forward to one, or know someone who does? Well, you must be in your household appliances era then, and it seems like a water purifier is the baseline essential for every newly-furbished space, equivalent to a fridge or a washing machine. But why are they so popular, nay, necessary?

Think of them as the upgraded — and more convenient — versions of the water filters our parents used to install. A good water dispenser is able to remove unwanted impurities from water, often pollutants or harmful contaminants such as chlorine, bad taste and odour from tap water; this then results in clean, better-quality water, and often, a better-tasting version too.

That’s not all though. I recently got to try out the RUHENS POP Water Dispenser, my first-ever water dispensing / filtering device, and was obviously taken by how convenient it is to… fetch water. Yep, this modern well was equipped with all the functions to dispense water at precisely the right temperature and quantity according to my whim.

More accurately, it’s able to dispense water at five different temperatures (cold, room temperature, warm, heated, and hot) at the touch of a button. I never needed to bust out the kettle when I needed boiled water for instant noodles, nor do I need to constantly restock my fridge with jugs of cold water, since everything was available this readily. So that’s a win for water dispensers, in general, but what sets this particular model apart from the rest?

The RUHENS POP Water Dispenser (Titanium Grey) in my kitchen.


We’ve covered RUHENS’ other devices, particularly the popular V Series and the souped-up ICE, so you may go ahead and read our review if you’re considering between those. As for the RUHENS POP, it’s just as sleek and effective as the rest, with one major difference — a hidden nozzle.

RUHENS pop’s Hidden Nozzle

The machine itself looks flush from the front when at rest, but actually has a tucked-away nozzle that’s automatically extended when in use. This is for those worried about the tip of the nozzle being contaminated by air pollutants, which then affects the purity of the water; having a nozzle that only extends at a touch of a button helps prevent exposure to air contaminants, making our water even safer to drink.

While we might think of the nozzle as, well, just a nozzle, there’s quite a bit of science involved here, as RUHENS incorporates a self-automated sterilisation system just to keep it in tip-top condition.

The RUHENS POP is able to dispense water with a three-step sterilisation system that, first, self-sterilises its nozzle every hour for 5 minutes using UV-C LED to kill contamination and bacteria that may have been collected in the nozzle; it then uses Electrode Sterilisation to clear the water pathway every 7 days; and finally, self-cleans every 24 hours by removing residual water from the water pathway.

On top of that, here’s a run-down of the other key features of the machine:

a 5-stage filtration system

This multi-stage system eliminates harmful pollutants, yet keeps the primary minerals in water for a healthy balance.

  • Micro Carbon Filter — Eliminates harmful pollutants, such as iron, aluminium and mercury, and pollutants greater than 5μm
  • Nanofact Plus Filter — Removes water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms, bacteria as well as viruses
  • Post Carbon Block Filter — Absorbs remaining harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odour from feed water
  • RUHENS also offers an option to opt for an Alkaline filter, which changes the water into a mild alkaline water

These filters are detachable for easy cleaning and replacement, while a filter change indicator automatically reminds users when the filters need to be changed.

The RUHENS POP’s hidden nozzle sits flush against the machine when not in use.
different temperatures and quantity control

As mentioned, the RUHENS POP conveniently dispenses fresh water in 5 different temperature settings, both hot and cold, including:

  • 4°C — Cold, chilled water ready to refresh and rejuvenate 
  • 20°C — Room temperature water for quick hydration
  • 40°C — Warm water, perfect for making tea and warm drinks 
  • 60°C — Heated water, at the ideal temperature to sterilise food equipment and baby bottles
  • 87°C — Hot water, aiding in cooking and boiling purposes

Furthermore, there is a quantity control feature where we get to pre-set the amount of water needed, ranging from 120ml, 230ml, 500ml all the way to 1200ml.

dual tray + child-safe button

The dispenser comes with two different trays, placed just below the nozzle, for us to switch out according to various cup sizes.

As a safety precaution for those with young children, the RUHENS POP has a child safety lock that regulates the dispensing of hot water, while there’s a toddler button located at the bottom of the machine for children to have quick access to room temperature and cold water.


The RUHENS POP, where the nozzle “pops” out when dispensing water.

I definitely enjoy having a water purifier in my house, mainly for its convenience. RUHENS employs a tankless system that directly connects to the house’s water point, so I never worried about topping up or running out of water halfway through dispensing; having this mental load off my mind was as refreshing as the water that was dispensed from it. Furthermore, I could get instant water for making tea, cooking my cup noodles, filling up my huge to-go water bottle, have cool water for my guests, at the click of a button, and one after the other if need be. Gone are the days of waiting beside a kettle for it to boil, and then be cool enough to steep my tea, and I could even instruct my guests to go help themselves to fresh water. Having the quantity control buttons also frees up my time to move around the house instead of waiting by the machine for the water to fully dispense.

Compared to RUHENS’ V Series, the POP models are also slightly more affordable, along the $1,599 – $1,999 price range. Most of the functions are similar, including the 5-temperature selection and filters, though I’d say the newer POP has a sleeker design, plus you won’t have to remove the nozzle for cleaning since this is an automated function of the POP.

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If you’re wondering about how truly functional the RUHENS POP hidden nozzle is, I have to be honest here. I’m not someone who overthinks the possibility of bacteria running over all surfaces, so the benefit of the hidden nozzle isn’t immediately apparent to me, not more so than the other benefits of the water dispenser (its ability to dispense clean water, and its convenience) — though of course I do recognise the peace of mind that some users may have about bacteria collecting on the machine. Out of sight, out of mind? If that’s a mantra you live by, then that’s certainly the case for the RUHENS POP: that I need not worry about contamination at all, much less having to frequently clean its nozzle. That’s one less chore to worry about!

I must, however, commend its hidden nozzle function as an aesthetic design choice. At first glance, the machine doesn’t look quite like the typical bulky dispenser, especially when I have mine tucked into a nook beside my kitchen counter (plan the dimensions with your ID!). The design, in Titanium Grey, blends into the shelf when not in use, safe for the futuristic lit circle of the “dispense” button. Its automated function is smooth and well-calibrated, such that it pops up immediately after the dispense button, and then hides back in place when it’s done. Overall, the RUHENS POP is a good-quality and reliable water dispenser that offers convenience on multiple fronts, and worth considering if you’re going for a no-fuss machine that works from the get-go.


The RUHENS POP comes in Titanium White and Titanium Grey and is priced from $2,099 (now $1,599). Available for purchase at RUHENS Studios. 

Dimensions: 160 x 408 x 507mm (W x H x D)