Leica SOFORT 2 — the Next Generation of Instant Photography

Leica announces the second generation of their instant camera, the Leica SOFORT 2. Similar to the first SOFORT model, the SOFORT 2 uses the Instax Mini format photo paper; and Leica will also be launching their own photo papers in warm-white and golden frame editions to complement this new camera.

The SOFORT 2 will be available in three classic colours: red, white and black — all of them stunning. But the highlight of this new camera is its ability to save digital images taken, and being able to print only the shots that you select. Furthermore, it links to the Leica FOTOS app and allows you to print photos from your smartphone that were captured with other Leica cameras and that are stored in the FOTOS app gallery.

Other features include a selfie mode with a dedicated shutter button, a wide-angle landscape mode, a macro mode with a focusing distance of just 10cm, and 10 lenses and 10 film effects built into the camera.

We do also like the lifestyle accessories being launched alongside the SOFORT 2, and these include wooden picture frames, wrist straps, bags and even a branded metal tin to store your snaps in. See everything below.

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The Leica SOFORT 2 is priced at $580 and available from 9 November 2023. White and black variants are available at official leica singapore stores and ONLINE, while the red variant is exclusively available through the leica ONLINE STORE.